Vita Brits different

Has anyone noticed the change in Vita Brits? To me they are smaller and have less taste than they did last year.

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They have changed and the Uncle Tobys website states:

Product manufacturing update: We recently made a few small changes to our Uncle Tobys Vita Brits recipe and packaging. Rest assured our biscuits are still made using 100% Australian whole grain wheat with a dash of salt and absolutely no added sugar. The technique we use to make our Vita Brits has changed resulting in a more compact biscuit. The salt we use and the way we pack them looks a little different too - we’ve replaced the seal on the inner bag with a fold over close. Each serve of Uncle Tobys Vita Brits continues to provide a nutritious and delicious breakfast!


I have not noticed the change your write of, but it’s good that others have and advised you of their findings. Your experience raises an issue I too have experienced: changes to product formulae that receive little or no fanfare.

Up to a couple of years ago or so I bought Woolworths’ home brand deodorant. One day I found myself needing to use it for the 2nd time on the same day. I thought nothing about it. The next day, again I needed to use it again. And the following day, the same thing. I could swear that the product was altered by lowering the active ingredient, so Joe Public would use it twice as often and replenish the item when it was used up. Way to go to get folk to buy more of the product!

Interestingly, 18 mths or so, I could not find this product in any Woolworths I visited between the Qld border and the Victorian border. Maybe others saw through this outrage and voted with their cash to buy an alternative product.

Perhaps Choice can rope off a corner of this website for similar changes in products, all of which cannot surely be approved of by consumers. This of course is separate to changed volumes of goods which maintain their pre-change price. Case in point: Toblerone a couple of years ago went from a 400gm block to 360 gm block but the price did not fall to compensate. Milky Way did the same some years back.


Uncle Tobys has stopped making Oat Brits


Nestle announced in September 2020 that they would close the Wahgunyah factory where Vita Brits were made.

The revised product comes in a different sized box, and by my measurements the pieces are now 18g each instead of 19g, though you still get more than 1kg in a box.

My first box contained pieces that were very hard compared to previously, though my second box is not as bad.

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Welcome @crb.

Nestle has owned uncle Tobys since 2005. I’ve stopped eating the product. Being winter porridge made from rolled oats the traditional way works for me. There is at least a choice of brands for now. Although overtime there seem to be fewer options every visit.


Yes, I have also gone to just rolled oats. At least that is something not restricted to product or brand, and is standard even in bulk! Though I now have to blend my oats to make oatmeal.