Virgin Money Credit Card Scam

An article regarding a person who received the run-around by Virgin Money, (Bank of Qld), after scammers debited his credit card twice.

This grubby bank is no better than the scammers.


I once had a similar experience with Amex. The ‘proof’ was a charge receipt with not my name, not my address, and not my account number from a location I had not been in years, and demonstrably not when the bogus charge was made.

It was obviously a database corruption in their system rare as they may be even in the 1980’s, and both my account and the other persons account got linked as ‘me’. It took months to work through their incompetence.

Excepting while Westpac issued ‘Westpac Amex companion cards’ with their Visas, I never accepted an Amex again, not for business nor pleasure. One rarely forgets or forgives such gross incompetence at the obvious.


Definitely on the nose.

My experiences with my bank/Visa and Amex, in difference to @PhilT terrible mistreatment by Amex have been positive despite several attempts at fraudulent use of my incomplete card details. In particular attempts that have been made OS have triggered Amex’s warning system. Visa was initially a little slow, as their system permitted an SMS request to be sent through their system requesting my authorisation. None provided.

I’ve now been around the loop of having cards replaced several times with both card service providers. Visa through the bank and Amex direct. I’ve been hoping the shift away from the old paper and card imprinting system would see a decline. Some details leak, others the fraudsters apparently try random card sequences numbers. Obviously some systems and card services are initially happy with just a valid card number.

I didn’t miss the obvious (paid for?) promotion or comment halfway through the NineNow article for a certain business - “Handle My Complaint”. Obviously an informed expert.


I also have had good experiences with both Visa (Westpac) and Amex, with Amex even sending me an SMS asking whether I had made a particular purchase (reply with 1 if this purchase was not made by you …). My only slight reservation with Amex is that I have now had two such incidents, each resulting in the issuing of a new card, and I was stunned to discover that the new cards’ numbers could easily be deduced by someone with knowledge of the previously cancelled card.

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