Viewing Long Threads

It is common on better sites that some threads become quite lengthy, and some of the forum posts are getting pretty long. pleasantly positions us to the last read message, but newcomers could be put off having to scroll through long threads where they are really interested in ‘today’ or ‘recent outcomes’.

Most sites have options to view from oldest first or from newest first, or are displayed on pages to make it easier on the eyes, and to assist in positioning if one wants to just wander through the thread in a premeditated manner.

Here is a random thread with 100+ posts vs a thread with many posts, if it makes the point. It is debatable which style is best, but positioning and re-positioning in the former seems more straight forward.

Something interesting for your ever deepening list of to-dos, after adding a ‘help’? :wink:


Thanks @PhilT, much appreciated. I know our devs are working on some big integration projects and then hopefully we can start to attack things like this.


I do not mind the long threads most of the time, what I find a pest is finding emails which do not belong in that thread; or trying to reply to emails embedded in a thread.