Victorian Population Health Survey - not a scam, But?

Yes, I received a call on my mobile re this survey.
I was wondering if it was all legitimate and not a play on the use of ‘Victorian’ to refer to something from the 19th century.

To be honest I had received a missed call some weeks
prior from the same number and just a few days prior an SMS mentioning a survey. Being a Queensland resident for decades and having had the current mobile number for some time, I crawled back under my rock and ignored it all. Should anyone even care if they are not a Victorian?

They obviously called again and now politely know my mobile is not in Victoria!

Three questions
Is something wrong with our system of privacy or public identity that the Vic Govt does not know who is a Victorian resident? MP’s have no issue when they mail out self promotion material or SMS.

The procedure being followed of putting up public details on a Vic Health branded web site and other measures are intended to minimise scamming the process. This does place a responsibility on the interviewee to be check this out before hand. Is this a balanced and equitable approach?

Given not everyone will be all that diligent in checking details, that calling from phone numbers can apparently be spoofed, and there is a legitimate survey in progress. Does this open a big wide door for scammers to ride off the back of the survey?

Are similar questions relevant to any similar survey strategies across the whole of the community?

Sorry that’s a forth question. :worried:


Very odd, I wonder where they are getting their mobile phone number data to make this error.