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Victoria Alert - Dogs Getting Ill From Contaminated Food

An article regarding Agriculture Victoria issusing a statewide alert after dogs have become ill after eating raw meat.

"The Victorian outbreak comes after the federal government’s response last month to a 2018 Senate inquiry into pet food safety, which revealed it had little appetite for wide-scale change

The 2018 inquiry was ordered after more than 100 dogs were struck down with an incurable illness in 2017 and 2018, linked to Advance Dermocare dry dog food."

Can’t rush these things.


An update.

Another update.

" No pet food standards or mandatory recalls

Australia’s peak pet food body says the new cluster of pet dog deaths in Victoria, demonstrates the need for regulation.

Pet Food Industry Association Australia executive manger Carolyn Macgill said despite the toxin being well known to the industry there was no regulation to ensure it was not in the pet food supply chain."

There certainly needs to be.

@BrendanMays. Perhaps Choice could lobby fot this?

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Contaminated meat sold as Premium Beef from a Knackery in East Gippsland has been found to contain horse meat. The meat has now been revealed to have come from the NT and was infected with Indospicine which is highly toxic to dogs causing acute liver disease.
So far 22 dogs have died and another 44 were hospitalised and required intensive treatment. PrimeSafe and Ag Vic have posted about this. The Knackery have not accepted responsibility.