Vegemite returns to Australia

Bega Cheese, an Australian listed public company, now owns Vegemite


This is wonderful news!

Thank you for posting, will now start purchasing Vegemite again!


there’ll be lots of happy little vegemites :slight_smile:


I see that it’s supposed to make you “vital”. That’s great. Although I’d like to know what it makes you vital to.

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@Fred Don’t be such a pessimist Fred . Just enjoy being a " happy little Vegemite " again :grinning:


You know what they say - the optimist believes that we live in the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears that the optimist may be right.



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Yes they do. Other certification requires the manufacture to pay fees for the use of trademarked logos and also for auditing/monitoring compliance (e.g. to verify that a product is organic is one good example or the National Heart Foundation ‘tick’ logo is another).

For a major food manufacturer with a high volume product like Vegemite, the certification costs are minor (could be less than a fraction of a cent per item - using Vegemite as an example, assuming that 22 million jars sold annually and certification costs of $1500, this would be about 0.0068 cents per Vegemite product) and would not change the cost of the food consumer’s pay. The costs of the certification are also a business cost and can be deducted from the income it generates.

Any certification provides a potential marketing edge to a manufacturer and can increase exports to those countries where such certification is required. Increasing exports is not only good for the Australian economy, but also provides jobs to Australians through higher demand for Australian food product manufacturing. It also assists in supporting our rural and food manufacturing industries.

@BrendanMays, thanks for posting facts on the matter. These indisputable facts differ from many of the internet based conspiracies which are easy to find using Google and usually are from individuals or organisations with other agendas.


It’s great that Vegemite will be Australian owned once again…On this halal stuff remember the government looked into this a little while back and said there was nothing to worry about.I trust what they say.Forget about this other stuff that’s said on-line.People do tend to get caught up with stuff that’s not true,and believe it because they have read it.Buy your Vegemite,Cadbury etc.Don’t stop buying stuff because you think otherwise.I have 2 Facebook friends who believe in it and you can’t change there mind lol


I am very glad that Vegemite had returned to Australia, Well done and Thankyou to Bega.
I love Vegemite, now I love it even more. :blush:

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The post from BrendonMays was fantastic, but I could not believe that 29 out of 30 jars was exported. No one else but us eats it! If you check the link it is the other way around.


Thanks @bonesagogo, I’ve updated the post.

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And now thanks to science and technology, Vegemite is available in a squeeze bottle.

I think it will be harder to measure out a reasonable portion size. When we use vegemite, Mighty Mite etc, it is a very thin layer on the bread. Squeezing, if anything like mayonnaise, it very difficult to get small amounts out.