Vegemite flavoured oddities - like them, or not?

Australia’s most highly awarded distillery has released a ‘buttered toast’ spirit, inspired from what most Aussie’s will recognise as Vegemite flavours. At the time of writing, the alcoholic drink has yet to be released - we don’t really know whether it will taste good or not.

However, it’s not the first time we’ve come across vegemite flavoured oddities, like popcorn and chocolate. What are the weirdest vegemite flavoured food items you have come across, and how do you feel about them?

  • :+1: I’ll give Vegemite flavoured products a go
  • :-1: Vegemite is a spread ONLY

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Not a big fan of the 'mites, though the original Marmite would be my choice. It is used to flavour toast and crackers, adding it to other stuff isn’t my preference and I’ve no idea why someone would want a spirit to taste like a 'mite - then call it buttered toast to confuse the issue. As an aside, Archie Rose are the company who gave in to the minority court of social media opinion by changing a name of a spirit because bushfires have claimed lives - “Bushfires & Barbecues” became “Smoked Gin” - ignoring that bushfires are an important part of the natural cycle in this country … they have a “Coast” gin as well, unsure how they explain that to families of people who have drowned, let alone going into the negative connotations of a Horisumi range of gin … but possibly we digress … :wink:


I only buy OzEmite, and have for many years - a small contribution to keeping Australian dollars & jobs in Australia…


Vegemite is owned by the Australian Bega Cheese group these days (since 2017), not multinational Kraft/Mondelez.


That’s great. Unfortunately for Bega, I now much prefer the taste of OzEmite!