Vegan beer

Vegan Beer?

This ad for Corona on the BWS website lists it as “Vegan”.

No other brands are listed as vegan.


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They should be all vegan. It appears Corona marketing people think saying it is, when blind Freddie would know that most beers are, may increase sales.

It is like calling an apple ‘vegan’.


You would hope so, although there is also a likelihood that stray bits of insects and other field dwelling life forms will find the way in with the raw products. It’s all protein and minerals.

Didn’t Brendan say something about?

I call mine ‘ripe’ and ‘eaten’. Grubs optional!

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I cannot find any connection to Corona branding their product as vegan so I assume taht this is something that BWS has done.

However, I did find this article which claims that not all beers are vegan…

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Yes, some may have finings from animal productd, but as @mark_mpoints out, in reality it is impossible to have something ‘technically’ vegan and free of any animal components due to insect and other simple animal contamination of all (most all) foods and ingredients.

I suspect the animal ‘residues’ from animal finings in beer after production would be similiar (less?) than incidential contamination.

If one also adds in the ‘collateral damage’ from plant food production…it does make it a bit of a furphy claiming something is truly vegan…or no animal products in the particular food/drink product.


Not necessarily. Isinglass would be rare these days but gelatine, casein and egg white have all been used as beer finings and are derived from animals. OTOH if you used bentonite or other minerals it would be vegan.


Many brewers don’t use fining as traditionally they were only used in cask-conditioned ales like those from England…and those that do use them in Australia, only a proportion would use animal based ones.

Amazingly, someone has taken the effort to categorise vegan friendly beer available in Australia (possibly not all beers, but seems reasonably comprehensive though)…and as indicated above, most are vegan friendly (if one assumes that collateral damage during production isn’t counted). The listing indicates that out of 1164 beers, 125 aren’t vegan or couldn’t be determined if they were vegan (or about 10%).

Here is the listing website:


1,164 - 125 = 1,039 reasons to drink more beer. :yum:


Maybe the list author bought each one to do test to confirm it status…and then drank the rest. As other countries are covered as well, might have been a special world beer tour…now that is a thought…it must almost be beer o’clock.

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