Utility connection services

If you’re a renter or you have moved home, you may have come across a utility connection service that will organise utilities connections in your new home connected free of charge. While it sounds like a good deal, you may wish to consider whether these services will give you the best outcome.

Have you used one of these services? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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Refused to use them. We had the connection of electricity, internet and phone arranged by ourselves in about 15 minutes on the mobile phone. Getting Aust Post redirection took about a day to get finished.

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We also refused to use them.

  1. I already had arranged all the utility connections by myself
  2. I knew since it was a “free” service, they would go with the provider who gives them the maximum commission.

I think the real estate agent gets a commission from the connection services for the referral. When I told the agent that I don’t need their services, he told me that they would give me call anyway and tell them that I don’t need their service.