Useful Fridge Magnets

Everyone is no doubt familiar with the fridge magnet calendars that real estate agents letter box drop, so any new ones have to try to compete with the ones a person already has, especially from agents that they do not know.

They other day, we received one that was refreshingly different.

My wife placed it on the fridge door and actually referred to it when we were cooking soup the other day.


Hehe, yep I’ve got an equivalent one on the fridge from a local plumber.


I took the liberty of renaming the topic since it might attract more examples.


Which shows that precise measurements are not require for soup.

These are all USA traditional measures that are neither Imperial nor metric. The metric measures are thrown in as a sop but the equivalence is confused as the metric teaspoon is 5ml not 7.5 and the cup is 250ml not 240.

Which would not really matter if you used USA recipes or stuck to soup. I wonder why some (presumably local) estate agent is distributing these.


Perhaps to enhance their industry reputation of being dodgy with numbers.


As a keen baker myself, it looks like the agent has outed themselves as a non-cook!

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Hi Fred123

Thanks for the share it made my day! And the comments made be laugh - A good start to my Friday.

Have a great weekend.

The realestate agent apparently not that great at numbers or cooking but obviously good at marketing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: