USB to HDMI adaptors

I purchased an adaptor on eBay from Alltech Australia. It was cheap but arrived as described.
Was initially identified by DELL computer in USB port but subsequently not.
My hope was that a set-top box would recognise it in the USB port so I could Chromecast to an old, spare TV. It did not identify a connection although it does recognise a USB stick.
All requests for comment or replacement from Alltech have been ignored.
Is this devise capable of doing the job I wanted i.e. Chromcast unit to set-top box input? Thanks

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Hi @TimW, welcome to the community.

It is unlikely that a set top box will have firmware/hardware to allow USB to HDMI. Check the specs of the set top box top see if it allows for such connections.

Our own experience with set top boxes/TV boxes are the USBs are generally configured to read. Some are also configured to write files (record TV), but not to output video. These boxes are different to some mobile devices or PCs/laptops where the USB (inc. micro or C) is configured to export video.

If the cable doesn’t work at all, it is covered by the Australian Consumer Law where Alltech would need to provide a remedy.

It is works, but doesn’t work for your planned use of the device, this is what is called a change of mind and falls outside the Australian Consumer Law. In such case, one relies on the terms and conditions associated with the purchase and/or a Change of Mind Policy the business may have. If the T&Cs are silent and the business doesn’t have a CoM policy, they can use their discretion in relation on how to deal with the request. They rightfully can refuse a refund/exchange.


Welcome to the community forum.

Have you looked online for help? Here is some information from the Dell community about this from 2017 that may help. If that doesn’t help have a look at the search results here.


Thank you for your advice. Will investigate as you suggest.
Not really concerned about refund etc. but would have appreciated a response.

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Thank you

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Thank you for your advice.

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USB covers a ridiculously wide range of devices and functionality, so when you are looking at an adaptor for “USB to x” it often pays to do your homework. Unfortunately it is often hard to know where to start.

If you are trying to connect to a TV or set-top box you may be out of luck. I suggest you check the manual, but in many or most of these devices the USB port is only for one or both of the following:

  • Updating the firmware (cannot accept any video input)
  • Using a USB storage device to stream video that is stored locally.

If this is the case for your set-top box, then you will not be able to get it to recognise your Chromecast as the Chromecast does not store anything locally.