Urban telecom?

Anyone had experience with Urban Telecom? My Mum just switched over from Telstra. Her memory can be unreliable but her story is that they rang her and persuaded her to switch from Telstra, never sent the first bill, then sent a bill for 2 months plus a $20 late charge for the first month. She also says they promised her a lower phone bill but that the phone bills are now higher.

Her paperwork is a mess, so I can only verify that the recent bill is for more than the most recent Telstra bill, 3 months ago. It’s entirely possible she is mistaken and they are a fine service. I am interested to know if others have had good or bad experiences.


I received a telephone call from TELCOTALK who claimed to be a subsidiary company of Telstra. My current home NBN and landline are with Telstra in a bundle. I told Telcotalk that I was very happy with Telstra, and did not want to change my current arrangement. The caller told me that Telcotalk was considerably cheaper than Telstra, as they were a new branch of the Telstra Network, and they were signing up people to their Services and giving a hefty discount to current Telstra subscribers!
After doing some research on the internet I learnt that Telcotalk has absolutely NO connection or affiliation with Telstra, and they were merely stating this in an effort to get me to change companies…!!
Buyer Beware!!

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