Unsubsription - The Long Goodbye

I find it increasingly hard and frustrating to unsubscribe online for services. It is often is difficult to navigate to the button labeled ‘unsubscribe’ but it dose not end there. Because clicking that button rarely unsubscribes you, it just leads to pages of advertisements begging you to stay. Then many present you with an often unskippable survey forcing you to tell them why you want to leave. Finally some intentionally design the final page to trick you into thinking you have unsubscribed but with out intense scrutiny aborts the subscription process.

This has caught me out a few times, seemingly unsubscribing from a service only to be charged the next month. Then to go though the process again to find they put the abort button where the confirm button usually would be or coloured deceptively . I consider my self quite tech savvy, If I struggle with this process I can’t imagine how those less so do.

here are some examples I found (not my own)


I know what you are saying, this has been explored in the thread on Amazon Prime which makes it very hard to quit.

For those who may want to add to this thread may I suggest that you extract screen shots of the process as you go. A picture is worth 1000 words as they say.