Unsolicited packages from China

I received an unsolicited package from China Post today via Australia Post. Inside was a red ‘Cartier’ ring box, complete with rose gold ‘Cartier love ring’, engraved with ‘Cartier 750’ and another line with © 52833A and another mark; Love engraved on the flat side of the ring.
With my suspicions aroused, I did some Googling and found that it was a fake/replica (surprise, surprise) sent from China in a scam known as ‘brushing’ where a customer’s details are taken, a cheap item shipped, the delivery verified and the customer’s details used to create and push up on-line customer ratings. Some people never receive the original item ordered.
This would have been the case with me, only I got suspicious with two transactions taken from my credit card for some bookends ordered a couple of months ago. Despite an email and a website enquiry, I never got a sale confirmation and the transaction was always ‘pending’ on the website. I took this evidence to our bank - Com Bank - and they refunded the money a few weeks later.
I can only guess we have had a lucky escape.