Unrecorded invoice

If there is a possibility that a business man or woman sends me goods but didn’t record it in the invoice, can I take the goods, sell them and keep the money for myself? This is because I used to let the person know that the goods was not recorded when he makes the mistake of not recording such goods. Is it within my right to keep the goods without letting the person know of the unrecorded goods sent to me?

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Welcome @Kkc

To assist others to better understand what is happening are you able to provide further details of the goods involved and supplier?

The community can’t provide professional legal advice.
Some aspects of your enquiry relate to how the law applies to your example. For an informed legal opinion you should talk to a legal professional or your state govt consumer affairs department.

Their general advice is that a consumer should always attempt to resolve any issue or concern directly with the supplier. How has the supplier responded to you concerning the added items in the delivery?

In the instance this is unsuccessful, the matter should be referred as a complaint to your respective State Govt Office.

EG Fair Trading NSW

I’d not be racing out to sell any goods I can’t prove I legally own.


Hi @Kkc, welcome to the community.

Simple answer is no during the recovery period. Choice has covered this here and what one should do…

If one has a conscience and is ethical, contact should be made with the retailer to determine what they want to do with the item accidentally shipped in the order.


Can I ask clarification in exactly what ‘unrecorded in the invoice’ means?

a) you ordered goods and received them, but they were neither shown in the invoice nor charged for; or
b) you received goods you did not order regardless of whether invoiced or not; or
c) something else

Considering your OP I am inclined to think ‘a’. Is that the one?