Unpaid customs charge scam

This was shared with us via Twitter. These unpaid customs charges scams seem to have had a recent resurgence and can arrive via text or email (Notice the spelling ‘ur’).



It would seem that COVID-19 has created a unique business opportunity for scammers, and they are making the most of it.

Perhaps more resources need to be put into contact tracing??


Good question. It’s beyond my expertise, but I’ll see if I can find more. Any additional efforts to curb scammers is always welcome.

I’ve noticed over time that an increasing number of tracking/delivery notifications now seem to be standard. It’s easy to see how scammers might try to use this to their advantage.


Wherever possible I prefer email to text i.e. withhold mobile number. The text (phone) interface discourages proper scrutiny of messages that you are receiving, nor can texts be authenticated digitally.

Everything is a unique business opportunity for scammers. COVID is. Not-COVID is. Whatever is changing in society, whatever is ‘hot’ in society, is examined by scammers as to whether it is a business opportunity.

For example, as the pandemic is (hopefully) ending (in Australia) and governments are talking about handing out free vouchers that aim to encourage people to get out and about, and to start spending, … there’s an obvious scam opportunity right there.

A good scam always resonates, has believability, has an element of the truth in it.


We have been receiving a lot of these ones, or slightly similar, lately (about 2-3 each day)…


“Royal mail. Official post office of Australia”?

Didn’t these scammers go to school?

Winning 2 - 3 Smartphones a day? You sure are lucky.