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Unintended Consequences

We often do things that seem to be the right thing, and then learn about unintended things. We had an increasingly bad problem with the neighbourhood birds sitting on a fence and wall along our drive and carport. It got bad enough we had to do something, so up went the bird spikes. A good solution? No more birds on the fences.

Woke up today and there was a row of birds happily sitting on the roof rails on the partner’s SUV, and more than sufficient evidence of same on its roof. I offered to add bird spikes to the SUV’s roof rails but it was not immediately taken up.

Any other stories of doing the obvious and regretting it?


Some years ago at our previous residence, a pair of brainless noisy friar birds, aka, leatherheads, started perching on a frond of the redneck palm closest to the house and the male would continually fly over to attack his relection in the window.

I cut off the fronds near the house and the pair of morons then started perching on top of the bench seat on the deck and crapping everywhere whilst the male would attack his reflection in the side window., so I bought a rubber snake from a junk shop which stopped that.

They then started sitting on top of the bench seat at the other end of the table so I bought a second snake.

Not long after, my daughter called out that they were sitting on the handrail at the far end of the deck so a third snake finally got rid of them.

A rubber snale would not fool most birds but noisy friar birds are the dumbest birds I know of.


I’m sure voting at the last Federal election now falls into this realm for some!