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Unexpected meal box delivery

In case other people may have experienced a similar situation, I am sharing my experience with Marley Spoon. In July 2020 I deactivated my account with Marley Spoon and this was confirmed in an email. To my surprise on 21 May I received an email informing me to expect a delivery the next day. I appreciated that it was too late to cancel the delivery but I strongly advised them to review their systems as I had not reactivated my account or made any orders.
I found their answers to my emails unhelpful. Internet platforms do occasionally have glitches and I wonder if I am alone. Have you also had an unexpected meal box delivery?


Welcome to the Community @pckelly

Under the circumstances I trust you will neither be billed, and if billed you will not be paying. This ACCC page may be helpful.

I do not recollect anyone posting about receiving ‘surprise boxes’ and presume the unhelpful response was them not being able to indicate what happened nor to assure it would not happen again? Is that the case?


Did you receive the meal box today (22 May 2021)…or was it a email error such as emails which hadn’t been sent when you had an account and all of a sudden purged from their server and sent accidently?

Marley Spoon’s contact phone number is 02 6145 2910, it may be worth calling them if a box arrives…or even contacting them to find out what has happened.


Correct. I wanted them to check their computer program as I am sure that I did not reactivate my account or make any orders. This is my first contribution to Choice community and I was motivated to contribute to establish if there were more people experiencing the same and if there were, it would be more likely that Marley Spoon would investigate and correct the glitch.


Yes, I did receive the box today and I am happy to pay for it, I was concerned that this may not be an isolated event. Thank you for their phone number. I could not find a phone number on their website and I would prefer to talk this through. I did include my phone number in my email to them and so far, I have not heard back from them


Welcome to the community.

It would seem that computer systems frequently have hiccups. With a variety of public and private entities (bank, council, suppliers, etc) I have corrected things only to find months down the track that things have reverted to before the change. I correct the error again. All good for a while, and … we are back with the earlier version. Sometimes this happens again and again.

Perhaps they had to restore data from a older backup, or a glitch just overwrote the new data with the old. I don’t know… Whatever the reason it is very frustrating and sometimes most inconvenient.


I got home from work one day, and there was a big white styrofoam box on my front porch. No name, no number, just an address that wasn’t even remotely like mine.
The box was from lite n easy, so I rang them up and told them.
They said, thanks for letting us know, and enjoy. All yours.
I had a weeks worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner packs.
Supplemented my burgers and pizzas nicely.