Uber covers hack affecting 57 million users

Uber joins the ranks of companies covering up hacks and stolen data.


Even having been in the online industry in times gone by, I could only have a wild guess at the number of hacks that either go undetected, or get hidden - having had personal experience with the latter on a significant scale. For every one we see in the press, there must be hundreds at least that collectively fall into the two categories I mentioned.

The difference now, and increasingly more so as time flies by, is the sheer magnitude of data/users/etc affected by the big breaches …

The only safe data is that which you have never divulged, which sadly is getting harder - and in an information vacuum, if for some reason you are a target, people will make their own up (like the classic cases of people who refuse to get on Facebook who discover they are on Facebook and never knew - thanks to some imposter …)


I became aware of someone who had set up a farcebook account in my name some years ago, presumably just so they could post a rather poor photo of one of my comet discoveries.
I contacted FB about closing the account due to it being an imposter, but they wanted all sorts of personal info from me before they would even look at the case.
I declined to provide them with anything, so I assume it is still there, not that I’ve looked to check for many years.


With a resume like yours @gordon I’m hardly surprised you were/are a target - at a quick search I couldn’t see a Facebook profile alleging to be you, but there are so many its hard to sift through them all - and Facebook search likes to assume so much about what it thought you were searching for it becomes a pain. Even having a placeholder profile doesn’t stop someone creating another - there are lots of people with the same name after all. Maybe a note on your website (and one on your Wikipedia entry :wink: ) saying you don’t use Facebook and whatever other social media could be of use?


That is something I have thought about doing, but never actually gotten around to :wink: