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U2 free album forced on you by Apple

My wife has to continue to delete a U2 album (Songs of Innocence), from her iPhone, of which the cover shows 2 men bare chested, one with his head against the other’s tummy.

We don’t mind same sex couples, but don’t like this public expression of something we believe should be reserved for intimacy. Neither would it be acceptable to us if the cover was, for instance, a heterosexual couple been passionate on a car bonnet. We don’t wan anything forced of us, even if it is religious music.

No matter how many times she deletes the album, it pops up again.

I would appreciate if anybody knows how to get rid of this.

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This website has a solution worth trying…

Or this one…


But this post in the Apple forum doesn’t sound promising

One has to contact Apple support to have it fully removed. Another example of Apple having control over its customers devices, rather than the consumer.