Tv tests - why no 32 inch models?

Why are there no 32 inch TVs in your latest test? When were they last tested?



Hi RonB1949 & welcome to the forum.

I think the answer is size matters! Nowdays people want bigger TVs.

From the Choice article How we test TVs (no date supplied):
Flat screen TVs enjoyed a surge in popularity in the early 2000s with the most popular display size of 32-inches (87cm). The model of choice became 42-inches (107cm) within a couple of years and remained so until the 55-inch (140cm) TV toppled the 42-inch model last year as the new standard size for the average lounge room. This year, 65-inch models are predicted to be the volume seller.

The smallest size I could find in the most recent TV review was 39". Obviously this is no help if you don’t have that much space.


I went shopping with my folks for a new TV at the start of the year…and most major retailers don’t sell TVs less than 42/43 inch. They wanted a smaller sise to fit into their room, and even at 42/43 inch, the selection was somewhat limited. The sales guys at Videopro indicated that most customers, like @meltam indicated, want big screens…rather than sub 49 inch. My folks ended up with a 49 inch as none of the smaller ones suited them.

As Choice has limited budgets, they generally test models and sizes which are popular in the market place and readily available.


Hi @RonB1949, I must concur with the sentiments expressed to date. I had a look at the JB Hi-Fi website. They only had four 32” models, FFalcon, Samsung, Hisense and Linstar, while the 55” or larger category had 69 models.