TV Box T95m

Have look at website:
The TV Box Home Theatre box once connected to your TV, supposedly will let you view new movies and TV without subscription. Cost? Under $100.
It is being promoted on Facebook.
Any information about this device?
John Blakey


Tagging @Digital-Rights campaigners in case some anyone has any knowledge of the device they can share.

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From my reading of what it is, it is an Android based computer similar to what is in a smartphone.using a Mali GPU (graphics chip) and a Cortex-A53 clone ARM CPU. With 1 GB of RAM and only 8 GB Storage some of which will have been used by the Android operating system, I don’t think you will be putting too many apps on it. It is also only using Android 6.0 which is older and vulnerable to hacks.

It sounds very much a Kodi Box just with a another different name, lots of them have different names but very similar under the hood (pretty sure it is using Kodi based on a screen shot that has the Kodi Updater icon on the screen). Now it depends on what they have loaded as apps onto this computer as to whether it is legal or not. If it is just running Kodi as a media app it is legal. If it has legal add ons as well then it is legal, but if it has the pirating add ons/apps installed it is obviously illegal to sell, buy, and also use it with those add ons. There are more up to date versions of Kodi boxes out there with newer versions of Android on them and many with more RAM and storage than the offering on the site you linked to.

From this on the web site (bold highlights by me) “Smart TV Box has completely reprogrammed and redesigned it so it works even easier. The Smart TV Box technology searches the internet where it will locate and stream, virtually any television show, movie, or live sports event you want to watch without having to worry about paying rental fees or monthly subscriptions” indicates to me it is highly probable it is using the pirate apps and would be illegal to use or buy in that configuration. The reason I say it is most likely illegal is because no one allows new movies to be had for free and many live sport events are pay per view, basically it becomes illegal when a box is used to stream subscription channels for free or to access pirated content.

Hope that helps answer your question/s about it.


Thanks so much for your advice and take on the product. No doubt it proves the old saying ‘if it’s too good to be true…’
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John Blakey
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It was no problem to take a look at it for you. Kodi boxes make great little media centres, allowing you to stream your local and subscription content to your TV or other display/s without taking up much room at all. I am not suggesting you don’t buy a legal Kodi based box just be wary when it says it will allow you to watch normally paid for stuff for free or it has the words “fully loaded” (this is a euphemism for having the pirate add ons loaded) as these ones will be illegal. There are legal add ons and apps that allow you to stream free legal content from the web including some Web TV and use your paid subscription services so it may be worth looking for a legal Kodi one if that interests you.