Travel planning apps

Do you use travel planning apps? We’ve had a look at some of the popular apps and to see how they work.

Share your experience in the comments below.

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Not yet. In the past have used a spreadsheet and have found it convenient enough…as we take a single A4 page (sometimes double sided for more complex and longer journeys) with us to refer to regularly. We also PDF it and email it to ourselves and our family just in case we need on route…and so they know how to contact us in the case of an emergency.

The page includes all accommodation, car hire and flight details (address, phone nos, email address, dates/times, numbers etc), booking codes/numbers, whether it has been prepaid or the cost on arrival.

Thought about an app for our last trip a few months ago to Chile but decided not to as we didn’t want to rely on having to open the tablet every time we wanted to refer to it…e.g. at an airport with luggage and hands full trying to work out what flight we are on…a single piece of paper is far easier and readily fits into the pocket/passport wallet/wallet/etc.

We also take multiple copies (one in each piece of luggage) just in case it is lost or damaged. The one we use on a daily basis goes into a A4 clear plastic sleeve to keep it dry, if and when it rains.

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