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Travel Luggage

Travel luggage should be easy to use, especially in the confusion abd rush of dealing with airport security, checkin, taxis etc.
Unfortunately my new American Tourister Aplite 3.os has a serous design flaw. Unless the front pocket is totally empty and the main pocket is very carefully packed, it will fall on its face as soon as i - or my companion, taxi driver etc - let go of the handle. As the handle is naturally extended , it has hit other passengers on the leg and almost hit a child. The bag has landed face down in a puddle. And its life has only just begun.
For a $199 item, this is severely disappointing. Reading Choice’s review made me decide, after 7 years travelling, that it was time to spend money on an item designed for the purpose. Perhaps ‘practical usage’ could be included in future tests?


I bought a domestic airline check-in sized piece of luggage from Cheap as Chips for $29 and it does the job. Doesn’t fall over either :smile:


Thanks for the suggesiton @mudpuppy, I’ll be sure to pass on your comments. Hope your trip was otherwise enjoyable.


My ‘Regent Street’ Cabin Compatible (which I check in) suitcase, bought at Big W for $25.00, has done 5 overseas trips but it’s still good.
It weights 3kg empty, but I rarely exceed
15kg as I pack manly jeans and tops,
with only a few light dresses for dinner.
Most Hotels supply bathrobes and slippers and toiletries, (and a hair dryer).

I’ve seen luggage being thrown by hand onto the carousel like bags of rubbish,
there’s not a lot of care being taken by anyone handling luggage anywhere.
It might pay not to get very expensive ones and renew often?


We have 2 x Victoria Station lightweights that have done multiple trips to the USA and 2 around the worlds and still are in very good nick. They have outer zip compartments and an expandable top. They were on sale at the time for $99. In comparison I have a slightly older 2 wheeled Antler that is more than happy to tip over even with the anti-tip extender out.

Edit: Erroneous text deleted from original post after coming across the original receipt. The Victoria Station model is 69cm Aero Spinner circa 2016. Using our luggage scale, 2.5kg.


This reminds me of the time in Italy when
after checking out of the Hotel we were queuing to get onto the coach and looking
down I saw something familiar on the footpath: it was my suitcase’s anti tip extender which had come off and had been left there by the porters.

When I came home I tried to fix it back on
without success.
The suitcase is still reasonably steady, maybe because I keep it light.


I hope you had not tipped them or it would really be adding insult to injury.


I didn’t, I’m happy to say. :wink: