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I am aware that travel insurance has changed a lot due to the pandemic. Is anyone aware of an insurer that offers travel insurance to those with a pre-existing medical condition?
Thank you!

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There are a few topics about travel insurance but the recent ones focus on COVID and the last Choice review is now dated. A list of the Choice articles can be found by clicking through here.

I changed the title of your topic to start a more current discussion about travel insurance issues.

Most insurers cover certain pre-existing and common conditions by default, others need to be contacted, and some will cover some on application for an additional fee. One needs to check each PDS and if it still is unclear, contact them and have their answer in writing/email if they indicate the condition is covered.

It sometimes depends on whether it is international or domestic.

You can search the Community using the search tool image for the different variations on travel insurance that have been discussed.


Thank you Phil,
My question relates to everything but Covid 19. There is difficulty locating travel insurers that will provide comprehensive cover for existing medical conditions at the moment. Most of them either discontinued operations during the Covid lockdown or have suspended sales and have yet to re-start. And the remainder, from what I understand, offer to cover people but specifically exclude the existing medical condition.
I would love to know if anyone has been able to secure travel insurance in 2022 with a known medical condition.
Thank you so much!


I have not tried to get a policy but scanned some I was familiar with. Some have changed since my last trip, pre-COVID. Covermore has had good reviews and might be one to look at, pre-existing conditions addressed from p16.


This is super helpful. Thank you!


After you have read the topics @PhilT has pointed you to, to know which insurers to avoid, you can have a look at the returns from this search to find other insurers that cover pre-existing medical conditions.


Some of the policies returned from a similar search reference pre-existing conditions in the hits, but some have their pre-existing conditions clauses gutted compared to previous years, only discoverable by looking at each PDS.

It seems 20 April is when many (all?) PDS got updated.


Perhaps they all use the same reinsurer?

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There are a few different underwriters and as you suggest, the policies underwritten by each underwriter regardless of the branding are essentially all the same barring the logos and commission trails.

For anyone researching policies checking the underwriter can save time. If a policy underwritten by X does not offer appropriate cover or looks good, all the policies underwritten by X will almost certainly have the same deficiencies/issues/strengths/benefits. The prices may vary depending on how the policies are sold and how the limits differ.


Have you looked at your credit card insurance? Some automatically cover uncomplicated pre-existing conditions but require a medical assessment for complex pre-existing conditions.

I would suggest you investigate your credit card’s insurance coverage as that may offer similar but cheaper cover than buying a policy that may not offer much more.


We just travelled to Townsville and bought travel insurance which for my husband covered his pre-existing condition.

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Hi, searching for a good travel insurance policy. My daughter will be studying in the Netherlands for 6 months, all health insurance etc is covered by the University placement while she is there. She is planning to travel for 2 months before semester begins and needs travel insurance for this time. Most policies state that claims are only covered if journey ends back in Australia. Any suggestions on good policies to cover her welcome.

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I merged your topic about international travel insurance into this existing one. In general international is what is meant since domestic insurance cover is generally limited to disrupted trips and are much of a muchness save for limits. International policies can differ from each other in significant ways beyond just the limits.

There are a number of topics in the Community and a number of articles by Choice. You can find them using the search tool or clicking here.