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Find the best travel insurance with our review, including policy benefits and conditions, value for money, price and claims service. We also have a travel insurance buying guide to help you understand the options.

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Our travel insurance reviews are now updated. Just select the insurance type that you are considering to find the best policies.


Thanks @BrendanMays, This is one comparison we use regularly when we travel.

Just a suggestion, for the credit card travel insurance comparison, is it possible for Choice to include the annual fees associated with the credit card. For example, the first card recommended has a first annual fee of $99 then $249 ongoing. One may think that having such a card is a cheaper option (take out such cards specifically for travelling and its insurance), but for us, it would cost significantly more than our usual lengh policies taken when travelling. Over many years, the additional cost could be considerable when less regular travel is taken.

Credit card annual fees would allow direct comparison on price with especially the single trip premiums, especially if one does not travel more frequently than once a year.


…however how do you account for the value or other rewards and perks from the black and other premium cards, or for some would it just be the travel insurance.

All data might be good data, but when does it become too much data when all of the bits and pieces are not included? eh $295 per year is not just travel insurance. so one has to make personal judgements on overall value anyway.


The credit card fees are usually in there but they were a bit out of date so we took them out until we have time to update them, most likely in February.


Jodi, in assessing policies or insurers, when things go wrong OS are there any policies or services that you can fall back on to help you out, that might come as part of your travel insurance? Is this considered in the reviews or assessed?

For big things there is DFAT, for booked packages I’ve needed to phone home in Aussie office hours to the agent, for Agoda etc they each have procedures to seek resolution (but not immediately)?

My more recent experiences of travelling as a holiday maker are that it can be challenging particularly if you are stuck on a Shinkansen that has suffered a major rail system failure, and your 4hr safety margin to your departing flight is fast approaching! Nothing a credit card and diversion to the nearest airport can’t fix if you have the knowledge!

Choice’s guides and reviews do point out there are limitations to what travel insurance will cover.


Many travellers have a misconception about what DFAT can and cannot do for them.

Although this is a commercial insurance site it provides a good summary.


Yes DFAT have limited resources so they really don’t want you relying on them.

If you get a travel insurer with good phone or internet customer service, they’ll be able to help you out of a lot of pickles. Finding out which insurer has good service can be difficult though. You often don’t find out until you have to call them, and you don’t want to have to call them.

Travel Insurance has a very low claims rate (around 5% from memory) so it’s difficult to just survey people and find out how their claims experience is (we’ve tried several times). Anecdotal evidence, such as from the user reviews people leave on our site, can be useful but isn’t statistically significant enough to use in our review process.

We instead use the Australian Financial Complaints Authorities complaint data in our review. It captures data for complaints, not satisfaction at the point of receiving the service, or lodging the claim, but it’s the most robust data available. And we’ve found there’s a high correlation with the anecdotal feedback we see from people.