Travel insurance for over 75 with pre-existing condition(s)

On choice’s recommendation, I contacted Australian Seniors Travel insurance because it looked as though they provided cover up to 79. Yes, they do, but they do not cover any pre existing conditions at all. Even for extra $.
Pity. Now where do I go??


I have just googled and there seem to be a number of other insurers with claim that they will consider pre-existing travel insurance…

Google Search Results for seniors travel insurance with pre existing medical conditions

Also if you have house and contents insurance, or private health insurance, see if they will extend such cover to an existing customer. Many of these also offer travel insurance as well.

I imagine it could be difficult to get adequate cover, especially if an insurer/underwriter thinks that the pre-existing condition combined with the age of the person is high risk.


If you have a premium credit card (eg platinum or black MC or Visa) the free travel insurance might or might not cover you adequately. My Westpac card included insurance covers up to age 80. There are some pre-existing conditions that are covered automatically (usually minor and routine things), and one can apply for cover for others case by case. If you have such a card read the PDS for the T&C.


Hi @pmslaytor,

You could try RACV (single or multi). There’s no policy age limit and they will cover both listed and unlisted (with approval) conditions. Make sure to check the policy to ensure it suits your needs.

Let us know how you go :+1:


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