Hi I want to buy a new Car and I want to have your opinion which is the best Brand?
Toyota, Holden, Hundai, Mazda. I want it to be solid, confortable, stable driving, parts and service not expensive. diesel 4X4 with space behind to put things

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Well, I’m out - I never buy cars new :stuck_out_tongue:

My only 2c for that is that my old Hilux Diesel (2x4) was bombproof (traded it going strong on orignal everything at 550k kms). But that was a 1996 Hilux.


You should find this web site useful. I have posted it before. Don’t let the strange URL dissuade you; it is legit.

It includes a ‘buyers guide’, some ‘reviews’, and a best efforts ‘recalls and faults’ of most makes and models.

Holden? Maybe once upon a time?

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Hyundai Santa Fe . Great reputation amongst the off road fraternity .

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It occurs a larger audience for your question might be a 4WD club. There are a number in each state, easily found by searching.

Do you go off-road often, how far off the beaten track? There is big difference between a serious off-road vehicle and one with 4WD and fair clearance for navigating the local picnic area now and then.


The best independent source of information would be the NRMA’s (and probably the other motor associations) annual ‘car of the year’ reviews.

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