Trangia 25-2 UL Complete Cooking System

Made in Sweden and measuring 200 mm in diameter and 120 mm high the Trangia is a compact cooking tool suitable to many uses . I purchased mine about 5 years ago . I was doing all night fishing sessions and needed a compact cooker to heat up a can of soup or boil the kettle for a quick brew . The Trangia ticked all the boxes .

I run mine on Methylated Spirits but a gas attachment can be purchased ( I have one on order as I write this . Will review when received ) The kettle that comes with the Kit is 1 litre and the saucepans 1.5 and 1.75 litre . The fry pan is 200 mm by 30mm deep .

So easy to use .Just fill the metho burner , light it up and wuschka you have a cooking source that suits your needs .Before the Trangia I used a gas cylinder burner type cooker . Too many recalls and accidents and leaking gas cartridges made me look at the Trangia . Never regretted the purchase . Not cheap to buy but a well made established brand . Available from Anaconda and all good camping outlets .


I used a Trangia multifuel burner in the late 1980s/1990s and used shellite as the fuel. Not too dissimilar to the current model:

Once it got going, it would roar (choof) and cook things very quickly…sometimes too quickly as food would easily burn on the aluminium pot if it was not stirred quickly enough. They were light and excellent when tramping/hiking.


Haven’t cooked any carp on it?



No I’m waiting till you come to Melbourne Fred . You can show me how to cook them . :crab: :lobster: :shrimp: :rofl:


If you add a little less than 10% water to the metho, the cooking times are similar- but you don’t get the black soot on the bottom of the pans. Don’t bother using Triangias at any altitude, they just don’t work.