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I have joined this as I have been looking for all sorts of tradesmen. I have used one (work in the garden) but not satisfied with their work. Has anyone used tradesmen recommended from members of this website? Good to get some views. Thanks.


There is an older topic about nextdoor . com. As the older topic has a last post from 2019 I will not merge them.

At the end of the day it is yet another ‘neighbourhood group’ of essentially random people who signup up for an account, and any referrals are as good as the individuals making them just like a facebook group.


… indeed, and since the last topic went stale, so has ‘nextdoor’ in my area it seems … never seemed to get momentum. They are still trying though … I get a random email once a blue moon.

… that’s where all the ‘action’ is in my local area, for better or worse.


Am anti-social so not on Facebook or any social thing :grin:


While Nextdoor isn’t called out specifically, there are some tips in this article that may help out with the situation:


I have never hired anyone from such websites. I looked for handymen and carpenters recently on a site called hipages.

I received a few replies with wildly different prices. Some did not reply to my emails, some did not reply to my phone calls, some replied but were not timely.

I asked each few questions, the most important being about their insurance cover.

All were uninsured.

If you do not have a good handyman recommended to you,
I suggest if or when you next go online for a tradesman, regardless of the website, early on ask if they have insurance for public liability.

If they don’t have it and you especially if live in an apartments or flat, give them a wide berth.


For strata titled properties the appointed manager or if not one the Owners Corporation (Body Corporate) will have a list of contractors who are pre-qualified to perform services. From cleaning to licensed plumbing, roofing and electrical work. Some will be keen to carry out work directly for an owner, others not so. It’s another source that may provide suitable trades. The costs can vary depending on whether the competitive rates offered to the BC Manager are those they quote owners?


Come OC’s (usually smaller blocks with a few to tens of units) take ownership of the external issues but internal issues are the province of the individual owners. There are no approved lists, just a requirement for licensed tradies to be engaged. It varies how they operate.


Yes true. The issue then is to find an insured contractor who is also competitively priced.