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Too much (paper) waste due to posted sale/product leaflets



For some time I started seriously reducing my waste. While with the organic waste had a simple solution, composting ar home, over which I had a direct control over, I find it much harder with recycled waste. It goes without saying that there’s a massive problem in Australia with recycled anything, plastic, paper, metal. Going through my recycle bin, much of the waste is from advertising leaflets from different companies. I find no value in them, I literally take them from my mail and put them in the bin. They are being posted even if there’s a no junk sign. I can understand they appeal to certain demographics, but these days they are also very thick. They usually present all their product range, surely causing some sort of choice paralysis. I don’t know any stats on this issue but the fact is, they are outdated, possibly not leading to higher sales, and adding to the issue of waste. Would love to hear some opinions on this matter. Hopefully, even get a campaign going. I wish they get reduced, at the bare minimum, and banned, at best.

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