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Tomatoes "Back To The Future" Moment

An article regarding tomatoes having originally being orange coloured and that these ones have much higher health benefits.

I recall watching a documentary regarding the introduction of the new foods taken from the New World in which it was stated that Europeans were highly suspicious of tomatoes and avoided them for many years after the other fruits and vegetables were accepted.

What a pity Colombus did not leave the tobacco behind.

Montezuma’s revenge?

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Possibly because they looked a lot like Deadly Nightshade, & Mandrake Solanaceae flowers fruits &/or plants to which they are related as are potatoes, egg plants, & capsicums/chillies.


It even scored a mention in this slide of the slideshow I posted today.

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It’s interesting how veges have colour fashions too. You can get tomatoes that are nearly black, also striped as well as yellow and orange but red is the only colour in Colesworths.

Capsicums come in orange, red, yellow, brown, purple and other shades in between. These are the colours when ripe, they are all green when immature. Of those only red and yellow make it to the supermarket and the latter not much. If you want to know what colour your green capsicum will be when it is ripe you will have to grow your own as they don’t ripen once cut.

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