Toilet paper - additional testing

There are two types of people in the world: those who categorise people into two groups, and those who do not.

Actually, they are not the two groups that I mean to discuss here, and for which I am seeking answers. I have been reading the May 2018 edition of Choice, and the article on toilet paper fails to resolve a dispute that started when people used to hang last year’s farmer’s almanac in the outhouse.

So to the bottom line: I am talking about scrunch vs. fold. As someone with a fondness for order, I will confess to being a folder. My wife, however, is a scruncher (or at least so she tells me; I have not sought further evidence). Which method is better? Which is:

  • more efficient?
  • more effective?
  • softer on the skin?
  • recommended by the experts?

I turn to Choice with these questions, not knowing who else might be able to find the definitive answer to the centuries-old question of scrunch vs. fold.


“It’s been proven” … apparently … looks a little short on scientific evidence but good for a grin :wink:


The answer I give is Bidet :slight_smile:


…or aToto automatic seat! I am often tempted to replace my perfectly good but non-standard toilets just so I can fit them; no space for a bidet :expressionless:


I’ve always scrunched because it seems to use the paper where it is needed. Folded paper will only use the middle 30%. Whereas, with scrunching, you don’t have all those excess layers on the outsides of the actual wiping area. I’ve been using three sheets per wipe (two if you have good quality stuff) for most of my life now with no mishaps. Good luck doing that with the folding method. :wink:


I will of course be very open to any real data on the topic!


Don’t forget the other toilet paper controversy that divides people… Roll in toward the wall, or roll out away from the wall?

Come on, out with it… Which are you?


Are you offering your services as the Choice researcher?

I imagine that volunteers will come flooding in.


And here I thought it was going to be a City / Country divide - Sewer Vs Septic. :joy:

As a folder I use one sheet, as scruncher Mr Z uses half a roll and blocks up the pipes and gives the septic more work. As the Water & Sewer Engineer, I get to unblock the pipes, de-sludge septic and clean out the grease trap.

However - both agree - Roll Out.

Happy to help out on such important issues. Or is that Tissues…


How do you use one little sheet of paper!! I’m genuinely interested


Before I decided to post here I had to" wipe " some inhibitions away , pardon the pun . I use Huggies Alo and Cucumber baby wipes to take care of the handiwork . I suffer from Haemorrhoids and was advised to use them by the doctor . I am a folder . 2 sheets folded . I dispose of them in a sealed bag as they can block the sewerage pipes if flushed ./

Also I put the dunny paper in a roll out position .


I’m not!

Given some of the interest shown, I have created a poll in another area of the Choice Community to identify the proportion of Choice Communitarians who prefer rolling over vs. under.


the link to @postulative 's “Roll in toward the wall, or roll out away from the wall?” poll is:
Over or under - how does your toilet paper roll?


@vax2000 you may find great relief in joining the bidet toilet seat party. I have owned a Korean made iZen IB-7500 smart seat for 4 years and as a paper sensitive type myself have found it life changing. Paper use in our household (and pain) has reduced to a negligible level.

Prices for these things in Australia are over the top in most cases so I imported mine, still with Aussie plug and English labelling, for AU$430 delivered. It’s worth weighing up the warranty and trust issues though. A power point nearby is also required unless you opt for a plain cold water version that has no “smarts”.


Not strictly on the subject of folding or scrunching though it may impact criteria I think worthy of a star rating on packaging - flushability.

Every now and then we end up with package of paper which is distinctly uncooperative when it comes time to disappear. Not sure why it can differ so much but needing 2 - 3 time more water through the toilet is definitely a backward step.