TJX Australia - Minotti Kids Pyjamas Recall

A recall notice for Minotti Kids Pyjamas supplied by TJX Australia Pty Ltd.

TJX Australia Pty Ltd — Minotti Kids Pyjamas



Date published

24 Jul 2019

Product description

Top and pant pyjama sets designed for children incorporating colourful images.

Minotti Kids Monster Pyjamas HWX023
SKU 1000749120 & 1000749114

Minotti Kids AOP Hearts Pyjamas HWX027
SKU 1000749131

Minotti Kids AOP Planes Pyjamas HWX028
SKU 1000749122 & 1000749116

Minotti Kids I Need My Space Pyjamas HWX029
SKU 1000748979, 1000748968, 1000749118 & 1000749112

Minotti Kids Rabbit Pyjamas HWX030
SKU 1000749130, 1000748983 & 1000748972

Minotti Kids AOP Unicorns Pyjamas HWX129
SKU 1000749132

Minotti Kids Shark Applique Pyjamas HWX131
SKU 1000748978, 1000749117, 1000748967 & 1000749111

Minotti Big Dreams Pyjamas HWX122
SKU 1000748982 & 1000748971

Minotti Rainbow Pyjamas HWX132
SKU 1000749133

Minotti The Cool Kids Pyjamas HWX150
SKU 1000749141 & 1000749150

Minotti Emoji Face Pyjamas HWX151
SKU 1000749142 & 1000749151

Minotti AOP Shark Pyjamas HWX152
SKU 1000749143

Minotti You Are Wonderful Pyjamas HWX153
SKU 1000749160

Minotti Cat-tus Pyjamas HWX154
SKU 1000749161

Minotti You Go Girl Pyjamas HWX155
SKU 1000749162

Minotti Awesome Pyjamas HWX156
SKU 1000749140 & 1000748992

Minotti Wild One Lion Print Pyjamas HWX157
SKU 1000748993

Minotti Namaste Pyjamas HWX158
SKU 1000748994

Minotti Cat Face Pyjamas HWX159
SKU 1000749146 & 1000748995

Minotti Kids Hugs Pyjamas HWX160
SKU 1000748996

Minotti Kids Happy Vibes Panda Pyjamas HWX161
SKU 1000748997

Minotti Kids Crocodile AOP Pyjamas HWX168
SKU 1000749144

Minotti Kids Roarsome Pyjamas HWX169
SKU 1000749145

Photograph of Minotti Kids Monster Pyjamas|210x318

Photograph of Minotti Kids AOP Hearts Pyjamas|205x313

Photograph of Minotti Kids AOP Planes Pyjamas|220x315

Photograph of Minotti Kids I Need My Space Pyjamas|480x387

Photograph of Minotti Kids Rabbit Pyjamas|218x318

Photograph of Minotti Kids AOP Unicorns Pyjamas|217x313

Photograph of Minotti Kids Shark Applique Pyjamas|171x312

Photograph of Minotti Big Dreams Pyjamas|480x396

Photograph of Minotti Rainbow Pyjamas|182x313

Photograph of Minotti The Cool Kids Pyjamas|318x480

Photograph of Minotti Emoji Face Pyjamas|314x480

Photograph of Minotti AOP Shark Pyjamas|381x480

Photograph of Minotti You Are Wonderful Pyjamas|448x480

Photograph of Minotti Cat-tus Pyjamas|138x316

Photograph of Minotti You Go Girl Pyjamas|257x480

Photograph of Minotti Awesome Pyjamas|313x480

Photograph of Minotti Wild One Lion Print Pyjamas|309x480

Photograph of Minotti Namaste Pyjamas|299x480

Photograph of Minotti Cat Face Pyjamas|272x480

Photograph of Minotti Kids Hugs Pyjamas|305x480

Photograph of Minotti Kids Happy Vibes Panda Pyjamas|283x470

Photograph of Minotti Kids Crocodile AOP Pyjamas HWX168|361x480

Photograph of Minotti Kids Roarsome Pyjamas|351x480

Identifying features


1000749120, 1000749114, 1000749131, 1000749122, 1000749116, 1000748979, 1000748968, 1000749118, 1000749112, 1000749130, 1000748983, 1000748972, 1000749132, 1000748978, 1000749117, 1000748967, 1000749111, 1000748982, 1000748971, 1000749133, 1000749141, 1000749150, 1000749142, 1000749151, 1000749143, 1000749160, 1000749161, 1000749162, 1000749140, 1000748992, 1000748993, 1000748994, 1000749146, 1000748995, 1000748996, 1000748997, 1000749144 & 1000749145

What are the defects?

The garments do not carry the fire hazard information label as required by the mandatory standard ‘Consumer Goods (Children’s Nightwear and Limited Daywear and Paper Patterns for Children’s Nightwear) Safety Standard 2017’.

What are the hazards?

The garments may pose a potential fire risk to the wearer.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should stop using the product immediately and return the garment to any TK Maxx store for a full refund or exchange.

For more information, contact TK Maxx on 1300 768 913, or via their email, or via their web site


TJX Australia Pty Ltd

Traders who sold this product

TK Maxx Branded Stores

Where the product was sold


Dates available for sale

  • 20 May 2019 - 14 June 2019

Recall advertisements and supporting documentation

Recall advertisement.pdf (363.21 KB)

Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.


Ok who do they employ to put these notices up? Sadly they identify that a missing label makes the garments a fire hazard. The garments are a fire hazard, applying the label doesn’t make them not a hazard, it just warns people of the hazard. Please ACCC get someone to use the better template…Arrrrgggghhhhh