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Tissues dust making me sick

I suffer hayfever all summer. I used to use tissues.
In the afternoon, the shines rays through my glass sliding doors. I tore of a tissue and the rays highlighted the dust in the air from one tissue
I wondering was where all the dust in my was coming from in my house. I have supplied a pic of my kitchen bench, which was clean in the morning, now covered in paper dust. I done a tear test in the sun’s rays. Same thing dust motes floating in the air.

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It might be time to get some good quality cotton hankies. They work better, are cheaper in the long run and better for the environment. Downside, if you are worried about paper dust, they produce cotton dust…which can be seen if they are shaken in sunlight.


Yes. Heaps of dust. Have bought hankies. Thanks.


Please note that the tissues are just added one of a multitude of sources of all the dust in your home. If you look at sunlight shining in at an angle at any time you should see a panoply of motes floating about.

Many learned articles have been written about the plethor of sources and suggestions on how to eliminated/minimise them. Have a look at this easy to read one.