Tiny pictures on Kobo Glo ereader

I got a Kobo Glo for myself specifically so that I could borrow books from my library. You can’t borrow from Australian libraries on a kindle, and I read somewhere that Sony are moving away from eReader hardware. I’ve been super happy with it so far - especially the lit up screen. I like to read in bed at night and we go camping a lot. I loved it so much in fact, that I bought one for my daughter, and she has loved it too. The only complaint I have, is that some of her books include pictures in the text, or graphic text. I have searched high and low and I can not find a way to enlarge the graphics or pictures. They load onto the eReader really really tiny, so you can’t actually see them. There doesn’t appear to be a zoom function on the kobo Glo. Does anyone have any advice?

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Hi @shelby.shane, have you tried using a plugin to convert epub to kepub file? You can get to plug ins by choosing “Preference” on the menu bar. A window below will pop up, then tap “Plugins” under “Advanced”.

Thanks for your reply. Are you talking about “preference” when I am in Kobo Desktop? Because the only option that comes up under this is an option to change the language.

I will google how to get plugins and give it a try. Thank you.

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