Ticketek non-existence customer service

Over a month ago I purchased tickets for a show in March 23; I selected the ezyTICKET option (ie print at home) and received a confirmation email which claimed that the pdf tickets were attached to the email…except nothing was attached. I immediately contacted Ticketek via the online webform; yet in the three weeks since I lodged the inquiry I haven’t received a response. I since reached out via social media in an attempt to get an answer to my question; likewise what phone numbers are available are either disconnected, or go to a pre-recorded message without any option to speak to an operator.

Any suggestions how to get a response from Ticketek? (I’m in NSW)


Before persuing further, it might be worth checking if the tickets are issued at a later date, closer to the date of the event…

If the event is one where tickets are yet to be issued, you will need to sit tight until such time they are issued by the event organisers. As the initial email from Ticketek didn’t have email attachments, it is a high possibility that this is the case.

You might be able to contact the event organisers to establish when tickets will be issued.

If the event is one that tickets should have been issued in booking, then the methods you have used should trigger a response. The Ticketek website indicates that there is currently a delay in responding to inquiries, so one might need to be patient.


That’s another question I’ve asked, the show I’ve paid for is not listed


If one received an email stating tickets were attached but they were not, would it not be a significant failure at Ticketek to use incorrect and misleading communications? If ticket issuing was delayed wouldn’t one expect one of

  • an attached pdf to so state when tickets would be forthcoming
  • the main body of the email stating the tickets would follow in XXXXX weeks|months|date not that they were attached to the email

I can understand @SJKelly’s concern compounded by virtually every business of every kind answering with ‘we are experiencing a higher demand than usual…your contact is important to us …’ so for tickets to a show only 4 months off I, like @SJKelly would be keen to try getting clarity.

Would you post the show as well as a snip of the email header (sanitised to remove your personal information) and the body if relevant?

Is 02 9266 4244 one of the numbers you tried? It is posted by pissedconsumer as a contact for Ticketek Australia, not by Ticketek Australia.


I tried 02 9266 4244 - it is a fax number. Likewise I’ve also tried 132849 which has the pre-recorded message.


Now you’ve bought your tickets please make sure you read this email as it contains important information about how to access your tickets and tips to ensure you have a great event day.

Important Ticket Access Information


If you selected ezyTicket, your ezyTicket(s) is attached to this email as a PDF.
For some events ezyTickets may be sent at a later date. Please check the event page for details.

Before you go to the event, please don’t forget to:

  1. PRINT each individual ezyTicket separately as these are your tickets for the event .
  2. Make sure the barcode is clearly printed. Poorly printed barcodes may not scan and may cause significant delay to your entry to the event.
  3. Take ALL your ezyTickets with you to the event


Is there no venue page from which you ordered your tickets with additional information?


Phil - the venue (Aware Super Theatre) just has links to the Ticketek webpage.


This confirms what I indicated in an earlier post. Have you checked the event page or that the ezyTickets for the event were to be issued at booking…or at some stage between the booking and the event.

This is the first thing you need to establish.

As the event is at Aware Super Theatre, you should be able to contact them to get details of when the tickets will be (assuming they haven’t been already) issued or released for the particular performance you have booked through Ticketek. Their contacts are here:

It will be Aware Super Theatre who will release the tickets which are then issued to attendees via Ticketek. It is the timing of this release you need to establish as it could explain why you didn’t receive the tickets at booking or since the date of booking.

I assume your event is one still listed on the Aware Super Theatre website:


Pentatonix is the event and the standard tickets are not listed for issue at a later date on the Ticketek webpage (the limited edition tickets are, but I didn’t select that option).

Though I’ll give the venue a call tomorrow and see if they have more information.


If Aware Super Theatre can’t help, the other option is contact Live Nation Entertainment who are the Pentatonix (tour) event organisers/promoters.

On the Live Nation Entertainment website it states as a general rule:

Standard tickets
You may not receive your tickets until up to seven (7) days before the event. If your tickets have not arrived within the seven (7) days before the event, please contact your ticket agent directly. Live Nation does not distribute the tickets.


Looks like there is an obvious answer from reading all the posts so far.

  1. The promoter is in no hurry to issue tickets.
  2. If your ticket does not turn up within 7 days of the performance date, it’s not the promoters problem.
  3. Ticketek don’t think they need to clarify if and or when your ticket will be released. It’s attached to your booking reply email, but if they did not attach it, that’s also OK.
  4. If your ticket has not been issued within 7 days of the booked performance date, please contact Ticketek.
  5. Ticketek make no promise to be readily contactable and reply within a reasonable time.

I suspect the last observation is yet to be established beyond all reasonable doubt.

Like many performance or event bookings there are multiple parties involved.

  • The consumer who purchases a ticket, full of expectations and trust in humanity.
  • A ticketing agent who takes the consumers booking and money in return for a proposal by a promoter to deliver a performance or event. I’m not sure if legally it’s a promise?
  • A venue to be used, and which often receives criticism despite having zero control when any of those who have control over delivering said event fail to deliver.
  • A promoter who may or may not have suggested they could provide a program or event at some time and date in the future. Is anyone interested in turning up? Please express some interest by prepaying for a ticket. The origins of crowd funding may have just been revealed.
  • A performer/s, act or other providers who have volunteered to be available if practical and if paid to do so at a suggested date and time.

Re ACL the ACCC indicated the following re the sale of a ticket.

The 2nd and 5th points may be relevant in considering Ticketek’s booking procedure. There is no requirement for the physical ticket to be issued on acceptance of payment.

  • Is it clearly evident in advance of paying for a booking that a ticket will not be issued immediately or shortly following?
  • Is it lost in the fine print, or only advised after payment is accepted?

One of the suggested remedies includes a CC charge back. This assumes that if there is an error or change in your ticketing that is not evident until the last minute issue of your ticket, the chargeback time limit has not expired. Is the only reason a ticket is not released promptly a desire by the promoter to keep their options open vs some uncertainty of the show not being financially rewarding?


The issue is using generic payment confirmation emails to try and cover any scenario, when there is variability between events.

One would think it should be relatively simple to customise a payment email/checkout system to provide specific ticketing information about the event.

I can see why they don’t issue tickets upfront, as they may be waiting to have attendee numbers before an event is confirmed…but this should be clearly explained.

A CC chargeback won’t work unless one has confirmation that it is a non-delivery of a service or product. Currently one doesn’t know if this is the case.


It should’nt be so hard to order tickets for shows.They are pretty quick receiving their money from the purchaser (quick, efficient,and problem free) I would not deal with Ticketek
Put your card transaction in dispute with your bank and hopefully you will get your money back.

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I can buy tickets for this show if I wanted to, so no scam here.

What choice should look into is the outrageous charge of $7.05 for “print at home” tickets.
What a rip off.

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It seems pretty clear that they haven’t provided the tickets as stated in the email and can’t be contacted which would be grounds for a chargeback.

I had a similar ordeal trying to contact ticketek. First their system didn’t let me select seats near my friends who had already booked, but gave random seats, but with some perserverence I got random seats only a row away. After paying they did send the tickets via email, but then six months later the show was postponed due to COVID.

After another few months, I received an email saying the show had been rescheduled to a date about 8 months later that I couldn’t attend.

After another 2 months I got an email saying I could apply for a refund, so I followed the process from the email.

After 3 more months, the refund still hadn’t arrived, and I still hadn’t had a single reply from ticketek, so I opened a charge back.

Exactly a month after the chargeback, I finally got an email, stating that I had not applied for a refund by the due date (amusingly the date they quoted as the due date was a few days before they sent me the email with the refund offer, and a month before the actual due date they quoted). Therefore they would not be issuing a refund.

I replied to this email with a copy of their email offering a refund, and my response email, and finally a person emailed back and I got my refund…

Out of the seven emails that I sent over a period of 14 months I only got a reply to one, I couldn’t call them or contact via their website and they only responded after I did a chargeback.

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We had booked tickets through Ticketek for a show. The day before the event I realised that I had not received the tickets. It is very hard to find a way to contact them on their website, I did so here: https://help.ticketek.com.au/hc/en-us/requests/new and also received an email from customercare@ticketek.com.au
I sent a message on their Facebook page which has still not been viewed over a month later.
I received tickets on the morning of the show. The reviews on Product Review say it all. It is hard to understand why any act wants to use them.

It’s not about the acts. It is all down to the promoters and the deal Ticketek offers them.

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