Thinking of buying a spa, any advice?

Hi all,

We are thinking of purchasing a spa and are looking for any advice. I did find the following guidance document to use however I am interested in any information the group can provide.

Many thanks in advance for your time


Hi @John3012 and welcome to the forum.

Have you looked at what you will need to provide and do to look after your spa once it has been purchased?

After three giant spas (aka backyard swimming pools) my partner advised against ever having another. Slave to the pool.

Spas are less work, but as a friend who was once in the business of selling, installing and maintaining them suggested - the best money spinner he ever had. It seems wise that you are seeking advice about what to some is just a large bath tub that everyone gets to use, and which recycles the water. (Hydrotherapy may be one beneficial use.)

Some further comment is that most spa customers would typically buy on the day from stock on the floor one of the two or three models instantly available, than wait for a different model to come in. It’s good to see @John3012 you have resisted that urge.

Your list neglects assessing the technology - type of filtration system and water sterilisation option. Both would seem very important as there are several options with different costs.

A further comment is how environmentally friendly can a spa be, in particular the energy used for heating (hot spa) and pumping (water jets)?

Expect there will be some first hand feedback to come from others for your spa and what features are critical.


Check local laws - my tenants were given a second-hand spa. When they told me, I then had the responsibility for fencing it (they weren’t aware of the law), similar to a swimming pool and getting it inspected. I then have to get it inspected at each tenancy change if they don’t remove it. That also caused some inconvenience with siting it, as it had to be away from anything climbable or windows or trees kids could abseil down. It was a bit like sitting in jail, and took up space they wanted for other activities. It caused them some problems after being mothballed for the cooler months. More trouble than enjoyment for them.


Very generous @zackarii and accommodating. They must be great tenants.

Most might expect a tenant would need the owners permission to install a spa, and the tenant would need to commit to meeting any costs and conditions.


I have never had one but know several people who do/did. The thread that I get from them has two parts.

One, you have to really enjoy tubbing and use it often to get value, otherwise it takes up space, effort to keep clean and uses power and water. If it leaks, or pumps, heaters etc fail repairs can be expensive. There is a fair bit of plumbing under the hood.

Two, if you keep it hot even if well insulated the power bills can be large. I know one household where this expenditure is a constant source of argument.

I don’t have the gene for immersing myself in hot water, we don’t have a bath just a shower.


Infra red, ceramic or carbon, emf safe level ?

Hi @Lancol, I have moved your post to an existing thread about buying spas. Hopefully other posts in this thread may be of assistance as well.

I am intrigued, what has EMF safe level got to do with hots tubs?