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Theracare - Sleep Sophie adjustable bed sales tactics

CHOICE is looking into a Gold Coast business, Theracare, whose sales tactics regarding Sophie adjustable beds appear to be very similar to those we called out in our Revitalife investigation (Electric bed retailer Revitalife using 'sleep survey' as sales tool | CHOICE). In essence, sales people pose as health professionals. There are historical links between the three companies. Have you or any one you know received a call or visit from Theracare?


I don’t have any experience with Theracare, but this thread and the accompanying article are very interesting to me as they mirror experiences I’ve had with other adjustable bed sales companies based in QLD.

One, Solace Sleep, took a comprehensive interview over the phone to try to best “match” me with a bed. It was clear the salesperson knew nothing about disability/chronic illness (didn’t know my disease, used outdated terminology), and I found the questions highly invasive. At the end of the phone call, he recommended me their most expensive bed with features I did not need, despite me clearly stating I only required a basic model.

After this, I received a flurry of phone calls and emails from this salesperson, trying to sell me the bed. The items were so expensive and his tactics so blatant that I decided not to purchase one.

Out of interest, I was browsing AliBaba (or AliExpress?) and found exact matches for their adjustable beds for sale (sorry, I couldn’t provide a link now, this was several months ago).

I ended up purchasing from another company who mentioned they had to ship the bed from their supplier in QLD (I am in VIC). I wondered if there was a direct importer up there, working with various companies with very similar business models.

Just speculation but I’m truly shocked by how much your article reflected my experiences trying to buy an adjustable bed.


Thanks very much for the response and the information. There does seem to be some kind of adjustable bed racket based in QLD, with different businesses trying the same sales tactics. We’ll keep this on file as we continue investigate. Thanks.


A very elderly relative had a cold call from Theracare in Canberra last week. A lady visited and my relative who thought that her aged care provider had sent her to do one of their regular surveys of clients. She was signed up to buy a bed although she is unable to read the small print in the contract. I found out when she asked me to read it to her.
Fortunately I found out within the ten business days cooling off period and cancelled the contract. No deposit was paid as far a I am aware but the contract could only be cancelled by signing, scanning and emailing a document. As my relative has no computer or computer skills we had to do this for her.
I have tried to determine why she was cold called by this company. I get many cold callers trying to sell all sorts of things but have never had a call from Theracare so she seems to have been targeted in some way.


Thanks for this information, Lorraine 22. Very helpful.


Revitalife use the same practices. I got stitched up with a bed which was double the price of one at Beds R us & it’s absolute rubbish with just a thin latex mattress. No springs or coils. I’m more wary now.


Thanks everyone for your input. We’ve published a story on this issue now:


Am in the process of taking Theracare Home - Sleep Sophie to the Magistrates Court in Perth as I am outraged at their practices which are the same as I have read in the above replies. I only wish I had read the above information before purchasing the therapeutic adjustable bed for $5,725. Something that hasn’t been mentioned is that Theracare give you 10 business days to cancel your order, but do not deliver the bed until the 11th day…at no time was I given the opportunity to try out the bed. Theracare totally refused to refund my money after only 3 days (bed delivered on Friday and I had to wait till Monday to contact them).


Thanks for sharing your story lorkay.