The TGA Fines Shonky Companies Almost $1 Million For COVID-19 Scams

An article regarding the TGA issuing fines of almost $1 million to shonky companies promoting false claims and unsafe products.

No mention of Paleo Pete or Mosaic Group being included.


I cannot identify the original topic, but a member called out the advertising from a Perth doctor who linked to and touted an unproven American COVID-19 product.

I reported it to the TGA. Well done TGA, excepting the ‘good doctor’s’ identity remains a secret as is the norm. Identifying dodgy doctors remains caveat emptor.

edit: Although the fine was paid months ago the case was only formally closed today.*


If they don’t name, at least as part of the compliance order is for the doctor to be under supervision/monitoring by say the AMA for a period of 12 months. The fine might not change behaviour, but being watched may.

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