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The "Never Never Broadband Network" - NBN complaints



An article that may provide interesting and disturbing information about the NBN rollout and how lower socio-economic areas may be getting inferior NBN outcomes:


Actually NO. I spoke to a contractor yesterday who stated that FTTN was going to be the norm because this government has squandered so much money on getting its second rate system in and cannot now do the job properly. 50 years was the figure put forward by the contractor, so don’t hold your breath. Only the very few full fibre areas are what you are talking about and of course business will have its needs met, as always. The rest of us can go whistle.


When is a fixed land line a waste of time if you need to have Priority Assist for it? When you have anything that doesn’t use the Wall Panel with the Uni-V socket. This means HFC, FTTN, FTTK, FTTB, WiFi, and Satellite are not going to get it even if you use a provider who is a PA RSP.

This is the answer from NBN’s pages about it:

“People who rely on a landline phone service should opt for a phone service provider that connects phone services through the nbn™ “Uni-V” port. Standard phones that don’t need to be plugged in to a power point can be connected to the UNI-V port and supported by the nbn™ battery backup unit.”

That’s all well and good if you get FTTP but if you get anything else it won’t matter who you use as none of the other technologies get the wall panel. NBN Useless yet again!


Arriving home from a bike ride yesterday I checked our front gate fridge for mail and found a card that said: “You deserve a better internet service” … hmm my thoughts exactly!
However, I was disappointed to discover it was just another company trying to sign people up to nbn satellite, which I know from personal experience could not be described as a better internet service!


We’ve released our 2017 ISP Satisfaction survey, including the NBN. Dodo and Telstra were at the bottom while Internode topped the list.


The news just gets better …


The usual pattern:

  • silence;
  • more silence;
  • denial;
  • refusal to answer then;
  • “it’s not a big problem”, usually followed by;
  • “only a small, vocal minority is complaining”.
    Kelly also characterised the micronode problem as “a very small issue” affecting only “a very small number of people”.”
    Let’s see:
    avg per micronode =29 * 1423 nodes ~ 40,000-odd people…


By 2020 NBN Co expects to connect a total of 11.2 million premises, down from an earlier estimate of 11.9 million premises. Both these estimates are down from a 2011 expectation that NBN Co would connect 13 million premises.
It seems that, if nbn™ can’t readily connect to your home, you might become an “unpremises”.


Might be worth signing. Is there a politician that’s listening?
The FTTN rollout has been a continuing failure. Delivery timeframes have been extended multiple times, and it’s commonly accepted that upgrading needs to begin before rollout is even completed.


Signed it in hope that someone is.


Here’s an interesting development:


It appears that the NBN FTTN will not get funding to upgrade it for the approx 40% of the population who will get it. See this news article for more detail:


It is sad the ACCC cannot come down on pollies who mislead, and especially those who mislead the gullible.

Beating the dead horse is in order.


From today’s news - what a surprise! Who would have expected? (/sarcasm font)


Nice to have an official review, but it probably will just be a panel who looks at the paperwork and says yes it is correctly stapled together…Officially reviewed. “Supports @TheBBG 's sarcasm font in bold”


Here are some articles from the Blue Mtns about the NBN and in particular FTTN and outages (bushfires amongst them). Some of it is political opportunism but the problems are reality…

I also note here that FTTK/C will suffer similar problems so both FTTN and FTTK/C will be useless in power outages.


The ‘cease sale’ provision is as customer abusive as it can get yet seems typical of the (to be polite) ‘blunt’ mentality of government and NBN management. If you are being migrated to the NBN from ADSL and it goes bad, too bad for you because the ‘cease sale provision’ does not allow reconnection to the old ADSL once it has been disconnected, even if the NBN connection is not operative.

It is like being pushed off a cliff before the bridge is done, but instead of a saving hand until the bridge is ready you are pushed into the abyss, and when you hit ground government, NBN, and your provider all wring their hands in unison and finger point.


UPDATE Complained once more to TPG in late July. As result further technician visit scheduled for early September. But on 7 August NBN at door unannounced. Inspected situation spent many minutes speaking to Melbourne using mobile phone. Claimed that Melbourne? had incorrect MAC address for the NTD. Strange. Take it as you like. I left it along with other stories I have been told over the many visits. After about 40 minutes technician declared he had been asked to check network down the street and that we would get call from NBN later. Needless to say silence reigns. We shall see if September brings more than Spring.Will attend local MP’s has community meeting on NBN scheduled for next week.


The Blame Game continues for the poor experience most/many suffer on the NBN. The RSPs blame NBN Co NBN Co blames the RSPs and stuck firmly as Mushrooms are the consumers. See this article for a story that is starting/already sounding like a broken record:


YourLifeChoices site comments on NBN Speeds or lack thereof: