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The "Never Never Broadband Network" - NBN complaints



NBN probably are guilty as a lot of Australians still can’t get access to it.And advertising to say it’s available is poor form.I go through with Telstra.And to see if i can hook up NBN you can go to there site punch in your details and it tells you straight away if you can get it or not.At the moment i can’t.But i know one person also with Telstra who rang up on the phone to get a NBN deal done.They were signed up straight away on a plan.12 months down the track NBN is still unavailable to them


Another report on how good it is - not! Nothing like ignorant, partisan, points scoring short sited pollies controlling anything when their entire focus is on their pollie entitlements and it is only and all about their party.


We were connected the other day. We paid for full speed but only get about 33Mbps.

At first, this sounds great! It’s three times faster than we had before and it’s about 20% cheaper. But what happens when we outgrow this speed? There are no plans to update the network and we all know that technology changes rapidly. This speed could be obsolete in only a few years.

Why bother engineering national infrastructure (spending all that money) if you’re only going to deliver three times the speed of something that was slow anyway? Would we have bothered to build the Snow Hyrdo Scheme if it only powered a few dozen hair dryers? No!

If it’s not at least an order of magnitude better than before: don’t bother, find a better solution.


Hi Gordon

Thought you might be interested in this article,nbn-watch-satellite-pains.aspx from PC & Tech Aurthority if you don’t already get the newsletter.


Hi everyone,

Great to see this thread is generating lots of interesting conversation. I’m no longer holding my breath for the NNBN as I’ve stumbled across another wireless ISP in Perth called Node1 who “appear” to cover my area so I’m going to make contact with them on Monday and I’ll post here on how it goes for those who are interested as the Never Never Broadband Network is just vapour wear in my part of the world.

Chat soon.



Interesting read, thanks. Because our TV reception is so bad, impossible to watch a fair bit of the time, we rely on ABC live streaming, but with nbn satellite’s frequent dropouts, we miss parts of every single program we try to watch. It usually takes 2-5 minutes to get back to the stream, and a lot can happen in that time. When it happens 3 or 4 times in an hour, you can completely lose the plot…
I had a look at what Optus had available as I hadn’t changed plan for quite a while, and found an unlimited calls/SMS plan with 12GB/month (for the first year, then back to 8 or 10 I think) for $40/month, better than my current unlimted plan with 3GB for $45, so I changed to the new plan. Now if we want to watch I just put my hotspotted phone out on the veranda where the signal is better and use it to watch streaming ABC. It does have a few glitches/buffering, so we still miss a bit, but much less than with nbn, so the plan is to put a cable up a tree next to the house and hoist the phone up there in a waterproof bag, which I hope should give better signal.


What about 5g modums for the future? I’m using a 4g modum with 200gb plus top ups. It’s not fantastic speed averaging around 5 but if you got 5g wouldn’t it be closer to 25gb which is what the lowest is on the nbn is now. We will have the nbn soon but not having adsl2 and hearing these horror stories I’m scared to get it. Especially since my daughter does distance schooling so we need the internet. It’s not just for watching Netflix and sending emails. She’s not well so she needs to be in online classes etc. When is 5g coming out? Does anyone know? I know they were testing it last year.


Hi Dominique,

Telstra plans to trial 5G at the Commonwealth Games, but realistically, we’re unlikely to see rollout any time before 2020. Optus and Vodafone are also conducting their own trials and taking steps towards 5G.


That’s a long wait! We really are behind the rest of the world! I guess I will have to go the nbn route. If your have a two year contract with optus do I have to stay with them or can I go with anyone?


I don’t think we’re behind the rest of the world with regard to 5G. Globally, rollout of 5G is not expected before 2020.

You can terminate your two year contract before the time is up and switch to another provider, but you’ll be charged for the early termination. Check your contract - there should be a clause covering this in detail.


A news article on the NBN and what should people be paying for in terms of their needs:


This should be interesting…


A few more articles about NBN issues:


Good news! the Australia Taxpayer will pay for monitoring fixed line NBN speeds with the help of “Volunteers”

apologies for my cynicism :slight_smile:


Is it cynical to expect Telstra will win the contract to place the monitoring equipment & report on the monitored speeds? :persevere:


An update. I further contacted NBNCo about installation issues at my property. They sent a contractor out who spent quite a few minutes looking at the challenges to reach my wall.

Bottom line is they will probably be able to run an underground cable to my exterior wall as a “standard installation” although “probably” is the operative word until they try. His best guess is if they have problems my neighbour’s front garden will be what takes the hit. I like my neighbour. I hope he still likes me when NBN is done.

I have to give NBNCo credit for showing up and having the chat.


Thanks for the update @TheBBG. Hopefully that comes to pass without too much trouble :+1:


Update April 21. Eventually trimmed trees after no response from nbn re who is responsible for foliage. Third nbn technician arrived two days ago and left us with the wired in Arris CM8200 Modem as nbn connection box. No new cables only new wall plug. (what were those previous two technicians playing at?) But left us with the connection box power light on and the up and down stream lights flashing and no online light. Advised might take up to an hour to boot. Never did and technician later advised nbn still working. Nothing has changed, Raised complaint with TPG who passed up to nbn who are silent so far. Installing technician advised powering on and off, which has been done couple times now and still waiting…


Telstra is offering refunds to customers that have failed to meed advertised speeds. If anyone has any experience claiming on this, please let us know :+1:


I can’t wait till all the regular punters get on the NBN only to realise we’ve all be sold a lemon as the CVC costs are too high and the congestion on the NBN segments goes through the roof and nobody can stream their nice new shiny Netflix subscription from 5pm - 10pm each night. By that time Turnbull will be long gone and we’ll be stuck in a DSL backwater while the rest of the world moves ahead in the tech fast lane.