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The "Never Never Broadband Network" - NBN complaints



Agree with Postulative. It is not as if Malcolm Turnbull is so technically inept as to let his domain name licence lapse …


What exactly did Turnbull do with this internet company, Ozemail? All the information I can find is he was an investor, a money man, and thus chairman, not actually involved in the technology or actual operation.

It could be he really doesn’t have a clue, and the evidence might support that, excepting everyone always bringa up his ‘internet company’ as his credibility.


Business, it seems, should have less reasons to complain about switching over to the NBN.


The chair of a company has to have a bit of a clue about what the company does. Unlike other board members, the chair has special responsibilities and needs specialised knowledge. He need not have been a tech expert, but he needed to know some of the business basics - including how to build a network that delivers up-to-date technology.


Sort of like the Prime Minister? :thinking:


Possibly not exactly correct any more?
This international view suggests it is best for the Chair to not have a clue at all about the business. And that expert business knowledge is for the CEO and other board members to provide.

Perhaps the ex PM was a trend setter in his roll at Ozemail?

The chair for the Parliament is more likely the Speaker. The PM is more like the CEO and the party the shareholders?

And there in lies the root cause and solution to all NBN problems!



Not in this world.


As well as the spin about what a great mind Turnbull has about technology. He was and remains nothing but a money man.


I don’t know why Turnbull’s Wikipedia biography says so little about his role in defending free speech.

On the other hand, it appears that prior to the Spycatcher trial he was also opposing free speech on behalf of Kerry (Goanna) Packer.


To me, the notion that the NBN will be “completed” (ie. the harm done by privatisation repaired) in 2020 is ludicrous. The farcical failure of the MTM has only delayed things even further. Quite apart from the idea that we should repeat the blunder of privatising the infrastructure.

Experts, including Internet Australia chair Dr Paul Brooks, say FTTN will have to be replaced within 5-10 years of completion, preferably before then.

With Morrow gone and Turnbull no longer Prime Minister, Communications Minister Senator Mitch Fifield is perhaps the last-man-standing to defend the MTM. Like Steven Rue, it’s not his fault that we are no longer being delivered a 21st Century NBN. However, it will arguably be he who ultimately takes the blame if nothing is done pretty soon.


Says it all really. Nothing better than a British trained leader who has been sworn to the court to rule over commonwealth [edit: remove ‘citizens’] subjects. Note: I am being extremely sarcastic in case someone thinks otherwise.



But for the Australian parliament having two independents in 1996 - Senators Brian Harradine and Mal Colston,

The whole debacle of the NBN which arguably started with the passing of the T1 sale of Telstra would never have come to pass.

Perhaps the current government has forgotten the importance of independent members and senators?

Off topic a little, and unlikely to change the future of the NBN unless the independents are listening.


As I’ve seen it put elsewhere in this forum, Paul Keating started the sale of Telstra, but it was John Howard who took it to ruinous extremes. Much of what Keating did would these days be labelled neoconservative. That was the faith of the times. The fact that its Gods are false is obvious, only in hindsight.

To the established parties, independents are a nuisance. For the Party in control of the House, that’s an order of magnitude more true. Independents are important for the integrity of our Democracy. I doubt that’s a high priority for any large political party.

Found it:


Loop closed, no argument from me!


More a problem with the system in general, but the NBN is specifically mentioned, so:
Why do executives get bonuses for screwing up? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Executive bonuses depended on five “corporate measures” including …
… the “NBN Co controlled end-user customer experience”


and reputation.



“This will be partially offset with the creation of 100 new positions, meaning a net reduction of 100 staff.”

I wonder what the new positions will be doing? spin perhaps?


For us in the Sunshine Coast hinterland we are all looking forward to the arrival of the Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield, next week courtesy of the local federal member Andrew Wallace for a community meeting over the NBN locally. ( Ah! the fresh scent of wattles flowering gives way to the aroma of the latest on trend variety/cultivar of election promises. Fortunately the Stinking Rodger are also in flower.)

With lots of hills and pine forest and Fixed Wireless and possibly satellite for the masses there are numerous concerns from customers in areas now rolled out to the NBN over lack of service or connection problems. There are many homes in mobile phone blackspot areas as well if that is a hint to how difficult the NBN task might be if it is to avoid the SkyMuster solution.

Australia is a sporting nation. You are rewarded for turning up and being a team player. If things aren’t going well the coach or manager are still paid as are the team. Eventually someone might get the chop, after which the deck chairs are rearranged. Coaches swap clubs. Drafts move players around.

What is wrong with having a little sport in the way we run business?

Other is it that our sport has become more like how we run a business.

Looking to CA (Cricket Australia) it takes a really big screw up to see any change at the top. Our national cricket rankings have fallen dramatically. For the NBN it is not even finished?
Where has it fallen from?
How much further will it fall?
Noting the rules are set by the Federal Govt the final measure will always be a corporate success.

It may simply be that if any price is paid by the directors it will be those holding the ball at some time in the future, although there is a get out of jail fee card. Once sold the directors will not be there?

Practically the main goals or targets of the NBN are:
a budget,
a timeline,
a percentage only of all premises to have access
a minimum available connection speed depending on how you receive service. (Actual data rates may vary!)

I seem to remember that the issues around quality of service or service gurantees are still in discussion and have not been settled?


Culling 200 network operations staff will obviously affect network service/performance! That’s bloody awful.


The network probably won’t work so well, but they’ll be able to come up with more gems like:
“NBN Co controlled end-user customer experience”.
We can never have too much of that sort of thing, can we? :expressionless:


Fixed that for you :wink: .


Is that going to replace ‘got you by the cajones’ in the vernacular?