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The "Never Never Broadband Network" - NBN complaints



I agree with you. This article is glib cotton candy, and is written as thought Stan, Netflix, etc to stream entertainment is critical to life as we know it. Using these services is an optional luxury, not an essential item. I have a better way to ‘slash your Sky Muster usage bill’. Stop using the streaming services.

There are important things that remote users need to use their bandwidth for like communication, farm management, research, finance, business, shopping etc.

If the NBN can’t provide the promised bandwidth and speed to remote users, then tell them how get the best quality and reduce the bill for doing the essentials on Sky Muster. Or even explain why the LNP can’t meet it’s own commitment to providing a better solution to the NBN. :angry:


Sky Muster is not up to the task for ABC and SBS streaming, so I wouldn’t even consider paying money for a streaming service!
Sounds like an article with as much substance as fluff.


The author is SkyMesh Marketing Director - you can’t expect anything more from a marketer.


Writing that prompted me to seek numbers. Yet again, our government is secretive (probably for good reasons).

The best I can come up with are an old report on urban residents consigned to satellite:

(being urban, they presumably had access to ADSL before - nominally, at least)
and an even older one on Coonabarabran:

On fixed wireless, I haven’t found anything. Given that they’re hiding, they evidently have something to hide (quite a lot, unless I miss my guess).


The NBN complaints have been tallied and it is not pretty. One might reasonably wonder what impact this dodgy monopolistic network will have on the economy as well as society where most everything depends on communications.

edit: another spin on the report, and not just NBN


Cannot understand why people are forced to go into inferior technology when they do NOT want it or it does not serve them … if phones go down when there is no power …the elderly are at risk


Thanks for the link @TheBBG

Nothing new here for some of us?

In terms of location, Queensland for the second year in a row showed the greatest increase in the number of complaints – 13.2 per cent.

“We can see nothing in the data to explain that,” Ms Jones said.

The next worst performing state was Western Australia, with an increase of 10.7 per cent.

Very close to 60% of Australia’s population lives in NSW and Victoria. Great places to live and just as Aussie as anyone else. They are also the political heartland of Australia.

Neither the ALP or LNP up here in Qld seem to want to stick their heads up on the issues around the NBN. That does not say much for how keen either are to be part of the future of the NBN. They may both be hoping it is sold asap and the problem goes away? For consumers the reality appears very different!

Edit added: noted the ABC news take on this was the majority of the rise in TIO complaints related to mobile services. Perhaps we need more access to the detailed raw data?


Telstra buys the NBN? The best of both worlds! :scream:

That would be after the value of the network is written down, so Telstra gets another bargain (to our cost).


While I think you are correct in this case, I can imagine the same argument being put when telegraph was being replaced by telephone, and when manual call operators were replaced with automated switching.

The hope is that the bugs will be ironed out - fast!

In fact it reminds me of the two men who died in Perth a couple of years ago when there was a power failure. They were both on life support equipment, and I think emergency services were supposed to be automatically notified - but were not for some reason. (Happy for someone to fill in the details on this story.)

While it is not something I have done for decades, the whole idea of selling off our NBN before it’s fit for purpose would get me along to rallies and mass protests (which I should have done when our Medibank was sold at mate’s rates).

The NBN is a clear, natural monopoly. There may be a couple of suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne where competition might appear - in the same way as Optus and Telstra ran cable down the same streets in the same suburbs but ignored the rest of Australia - but the rest of us will be shafted by any privatisation. I think the Labor Party needs to start standing up for what it calls its core values, and reject outright any sale of vital infrastructure including but not limited to the NBN.

The only case I can see for Telstra buying the NBN is after Telstra has been re-nationalised. Otherwise, our ‘democracy’ will show once again that profits are put before people.


To share or not to share?

I emailed the NBN Co a week prior re our intended FW service. Just to ask nicely which tower the service would connect to.

Good news, they answered. There is a long confidentiality clause attached to the reply. Sorry I can’t share the reply. I’m confident I reveived the best answer on the day.

It did bring great joy and humour. Especially given that any new towers need local council planning approval, and the service will be up and running in 12 months!

If Telstra does buy the NBN we might never know!


Did you agree to the confidentiality clause? They might say it’s confidential, but unless it is ‘of vital security interest to the nation’ (and thus classified more formally) they need you to agree to keep it confidential before it becomes binding. It’s a contract.


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Huawei cyber vulnerabilities

I have not agreed to anything, unless by using the NBN on line enquiry form there is a sneaky Facebook inspired T&C that says I have. I accept the advice as non professional and non binding, although it is logical.

I’m taking up the option the NBN offered with their email reply to ask for a further response. I need to suggest politely what they have said is evasive and perhaps not complete, and plead for a better outcome.

I’ve rechecked our rollout map, the web sites that give you all telecommunications tower locations, freq, license holders etc, and the local council planning apps.

There are three NBN FW sites in our area. Two are now active and the rollout map reflects the customer areas covered. The third tower site is subject to an objection from the NBN Co to council. Between us, our neighbours and that tower site is approx 1.5km of mature 30m tall pine forest. There are no other planning applications to council for any other NBN towers in our area.

Town also now has FTTN active.

My curiosity is intense.

Time to write again on the same topic to the local perhaps not so safe seat any more federal LNP member?


it is quite obvious that you are NOT in the FTTN area
where you are stuck with this inferior system which is slower and less reliable than ADSL and phone service which you are unable to go back to.


But Malcolm said the Liberal’s plan is better and cheaper than Labor’s and we’d get it sooner (like, everyone would have it two years ago :smirk:)

Cheap = cost-effective, no? :thinking: OK, so it isn’t cheap and isn’t effective, but still.


It is better and cheaper… but in context…better than nothing, cheaper than Labor’s plan, which would have worked a lot better (you pay for what you get) and hence why “Malcom the Amazing Webman” went for the cheap option… so he wasn’t lying, just being a politician.


A new level of truthiness.


I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that. Turnbull knew only too well that his terminology was substantially inexact :unamused:. Lying covers it, IMO.


Oh I agree with you, I’m just being politically correct :wink:


The NBN has not yet built out to my area - I remain on ADSL2+. When it is eventually rolled out, it is scheduled to be FTTN.

It is not cheaper. It is taking longer and costing more than the Labor plan, because of the complexities that have been added with ‘mixed’ technologies and the need to buy unmaintained copper at inflated prices from Telstra.

Malcolm Turnbull did run an Internet company a few decades ago, and knew (or should have known) that he was destroying the NBN. In destroying, though, he guaranteed Murdoch’s ‘vote’ - and the support of all Murdoch media outlets. What does Murdoch get in exchange? Well, he hasn’t actually come out on top as new pay TV competitors have rolled out regardless.

It was obvious even at the time that the Liberals were promising something they couldn’t deliver. Every commentator who had a clue and who didn’t have a Murdoch boss said so. And thus we have this shambles which is barely fit-for-purpose today let alone in ten years.

Imagine a Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme that was only one dam and could only supply enough electricity for Canberra on a rainy day. The NBN is the current equivalent ‘nation-building infrastructure project’.