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The "Never Never Broadband Network" - NBN complaints



The interconnection between them may be the major benefit they are seeking to achieve with the slower “OFF NET” circuit providing mostly voice capability outside their community with any outside broadband requirements being cached in the “ON NET” as @Drop_Bear noted.

They could have sought a much bigger pipe to address the outside needs if they had deemed them important enough and that is why I am surmising it is mostly about their community interconnect. I also note to further support this that the high speed capabilities extended to their suppliers and help and support networks including agronomists and so on.


True, but I doubt farmers are not interested in streaming and entertainment since this will be their internet service.


It’s a trade-off between the price of backhaul and the cost of servers to cache content. Judging by the numbers, I’d say they’re being shafted on backhaul. That’s a field where government should ensure equity of access.


But it may have also been a rational choice depending on their needs. They could have sought a 1 Gbps pipe from the NBN or another provider or combined 2 or more 100 Mbps connections to achieve a bigger backhaul at not too much extra cost. But I still point to how they have linked in with a myriad of other support services on the high speed side that would not necessarily be anywhere in close proximity and as such would then require high speed & capacity backhaul and maybe they have but are just choosing to then limit anything outside of the needful requirements to a 100 Mbps connection??


You could ask at the contact links above.


Are we confused yet? :thinking:


Yes can also be read and edited in “HOW THE CONNECTIONS TO PREMISES ARE MADE” as part of the “An NBN Wiki”. I encourage anyone who wishes to, to add any items or amendments needed.


One spinoff of poor NBN performance has been the rise of small providers of fixed wireless Internet. BIRRR has a list, as does ACCAN. If I was the responsible minister, I’d be embarrassed. Sadly, our government doesn’t do responsible.


Perhaps they had a position that a failing NBN was the outcome desired (my take on it is they wanted failure). I think the MTM NBN was a purely “oppose Labor” outcome, more a reflection of LNP’s Raison d’être than any desire to really provide a needed service. If it fails as it often does then LNP respond with how we were lumbered with a Labor outcome and if it seems to have some shiny bits they are hailed as a brilliant piece of LNP policy (more likely I think an accident of fate).

We used a small wireless provider for some time before biting the bullet on our phone service, their service was excellent, the connection rock solid, speeds as promised (actually exceeded their stated limits by some good margin) but the phone was too important to not avoid the change.

So embarrassed? I think not and in response I would say they are in reality pleased by the outcome/s.


Another DIY solution vs NBN


Surely it is another professional solution vs DIY NBN?


NBN fixed wireless has reportedly failed on Kangaroo Island. They’ve been told that NBN can’t get a tech there before Monday. Embarrassing! :scream:


It took 5 days down and then another 5 days to get a tech involved in suburban Melbourne with 11 days total down time for ADSL+phone. Final problem? Bad record keeping by the telcos causing a trivial problem to become a major failure made worse by Keystone Kops support contracts from telco to telco to telco.

‘Monday’? All must be taken in perspective.


The NBN isn’t working very well, it seems, because people are using it! Whoda thunk it? :expressionless:


From Facebook:

How dare we use a service we paid for! We should all give ourselves a harsh talking to.



Methinks they get their inspiration from Microsoft. Windows is probably as close as software gets to bug free, at least until it is released to the beta testers and then the general public. It is all on the users! Really, it must be :smiley:


The NBN Co might use an old fashioned mirror to find some of the cause of this problem.

The NBN Co needs to consider a few more facts. It doesn’t matter what the original assumptions were. The NBN Co decided to start back filling outer urban areas and rural communities with FW adding substantially to the FW customer base.

Many of these areas have ADSL coverage. The NBN Co could reasonably expect all with ADSL in these areas to switch or loose internet. Easy number to look up for them. Add to these the customers in the same service areas too far out to get ADSL who were now able to connect and have done so!

That’s aside from the unrealistic original assumption of a low take up rate that said 4 out 5 homes don’t want the internet.

This was all done to save expense extending the fibre/fixed line solution. And load up the FW network to improve it’s income potential.


A new bit of news on Copper purchases by NBN Co from the ABC News site “Since October an additional 4,478 kilometres of copper has been bought, enough to trace the path by road from Sydney to Perth”. In total the copper purchased by NBN Co is more than 21,000 km. Labor has labeled the continuing usage of copper a “bad investment” and as a minimum they should move to Fibre to the Curb/Kerb and the more fibre penetration the better.

This copper is not what is already in place but is mostly what is needed for repairs/replacement of the old copper already laid down. This need to buy more copper will not end until all the copper is replaced by fibre, which is unlikely under LNP hands.


NBN Co has now bought enough copper to run halfway around the Earth.


Betoota to the rescue. First published in 2015 and recently updated. Many a true word is spoken in jest.

“It’ll be there on Friday… maybe Monday. I dunno.”