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The "Never Never Broadband Network" - NBN complaints



… remember how I mentioned you couldn’t make this stuff up? well someone is !!


They will be waving their arms so fast maybe they can reinvent hot air powered flight? I notice they have also stumbled on the trend for ‘parallel’. :dizzy_face:


Is it possible that they have invented a perpetual random jargon generator that will produce unlimited hot air? :lying_face:


NBN have achieved one thing that I previously thought impossible - they’ve made Telstra look good !!


An opinion piece on the departure of Mr Morrow and some talk about the split and future sale of the NBN or perhaps the unlikely sale (by the way love the Death Seat analogy):


I see the latest Choice NBN broadband measurements have been released today… alas, no satellite plans have enough numbers being monitored for any result to be published.

I recently complained my my ISP, ANT Communications, that my service was unacceptable due to all the dropouts and buffering when attempting to watch ABC live streams, iView or SBSOnline, and asked if there was any chance of a fixed wireless connection. Instead they moved me to a new CVC.

This has made a significant difference! I’ve only watched a couple of programs since the change, but they have been free of frequent short buffering breaks and the longer breaks of up to 2mins that have been increasingly comment of late.

I’ll catch up on some more shows on iView over coming days and see if my initial impressions are sustained.


Apparently this is news, but is the devil in the details? is the whole ecosystem spiralling down into a lowest common denominator customer service model where nobody want’s to exceed the least adequate experience lest they be held to actually providing ‘real service’ - I’ve always felt NBN’s rather baseline model gives them all an opportunity to retrain the unsuspecting public …


I can report that it is possible to watch live streaming ABC without glitches now. yay! :slight_smile:
Also, SBSOnline doesn’t hang on each ad break (usually meant having to reload (and play the ads and a few sec of program before the ad) up to 5 times, so shows would often take 30-50% longer time to watch than they should). I’ve only watched one program on SBS so far, but it was a completely different experience to what I’ve been accustomed to.



“I believe that as the company prepares to confront the new challenges ahead, this is the right time to hand over the reins for the next phase of this incredible project and for me to plan for the next step in my career,”


… another bunch of distant future happy customers no doubt :wink: (affected suburb list at the end of the article)


Here is a tweet worth listening to about the MTM NBN


This should generate a few complaints:


Sigh, those utter utter bastards, yet again. Fraudband, gahhhhhhhhhh. Madmonk & Trumble, retch.


I can now officially sign up for NBN,but i’m in no rush whatsoever.I am very fortunate that where i live my current speed is very good.Not living far from the exchange,but have heard that someone in the same area have found it very slow


Met up with a guy testing for nbn being put into my street. He confirmed an extra line put in in the area to assist with nbn change over is degrading our ADSL quality and it’s unlikely that when we finally get nbn it will be any better, it could be worse.


What is called cross-talk is what is probably occurring to your ADSL This is where signals from one set of wires creates interference in another set of wires. ADSL suffers from this but FTTN & FTTC are sort of immune due the technology used to provide these services. Fibre Optic does not have this issue at all.

Once they pull ADSL out from your area FTTN speeds should increase a bit because it cuts some of the cross-talk/interference caused by the ADSL co-existing with the FTTN. They reduce FTTN speeds until then to help reduce the interference ADSL users suffer.

Could your outcome be worse when you switch to the NBN? Very unlikely but it might not be staggeringly better. VDSL (what FTTN uses) is faster than ADSL both up and down until the copper distance becomes quite long or is very degraded and then both are about even. For an older (2015) and basic read about the FTTN VDSL deployment and why VDSL cuts interference see this NBN Co article (was created/posted before the big FTTN push so makes reference to things now in place):

Also read this topic created by @steffie5904 about their change over to the NBN (it is a long thread but many points could be useful to you):

I also would advise to think about (weigh up) an earlier change over to NBN rather than delaying until ADSL cut-off. This may cut changeover delays and issues substantially.


Give people no other option and they will pay - before long it will be normal and the standards of the past and promises of the future will be forgotten …


On his departure or soon to be departure as CEO of NBN Co Mr Morrow had some things to admit about FTTN. He didn’t say it was a fail and in many ways said it worked well but if you take what he said was wrong and then read what others have been saying for far too long and not being heard, it is really damming stuff.

Yep how else will the NBN make a profit for the Government if the people don’t pay a premium on getting it. Further insult to injury is that even though they pay for it they will never own it. They will continue to pay for the privilege of paying for it to be installed in a better way than this Government wanted and the Government will probably try to take credit for it.

I hope the playing field can be evened up by forcing some people in Government to change to that everyone deserves Fibre to the premises (and I include those living remotely) within this lifetime/generation. Spend the money and the benefits will flow.


Good idea, except that all of our government should personally experience the impact of poor telecommunications. The home, office and any other properties owned or otherwise controlled by a member of the government or associated entity should be relegated to satellite, until such time as every other premises in the nation is served by optical fibre.

Indeed. The thing about infrastructure is that it doesn’t directly generate much in the way of profits. That’s why the private sector fails to invest (except for cherry-picking isolated, lucrative markets) and tends to neglect maintenance (Telstra). The value is predominantly external. It’s also why privatisation is such a stupid idea.


Nobody in government will utter any criticism of Turnbull’s MTM hash of the NBN, for obvious reasons. From opposition he made an art form of attacking everything NBN. Then as Comms Minister he stalled the rollout for 2 years while everything got changed over for his MTM.

And in many ways, we’ll all be paying the price of that policy for decades to come.