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The good, the bad and the ugly, a westinghouse 4 door fridge reviews

I bought a westinghouse 4 door fridge and the tap dispenser worked intermittently for months before it finally stopped working altogether. I organised a repair through customer service and after twice the repairer getting the wrong part and being unable to fix it in addition to the several months between each order (part came from China plus covid), I was given a store credit by customer service to buy another fridge.
While all this sounds pretty straight forward, my comments just refer to the westinghouse review system. I was recently asked to provide a product review by westinghouse and while my comment made reference to the me being happy with the fridge being cold, and great handles I had the above problem. My review was initially accepted by westinghouse then this morning I received an email to say the review was removed. I firmly believe reviews need to be a case of the good, the bad and the ugly to ensure consumers get to see a balanced look at products before buying. As a consumer, I value what others say. I do post good reviews so I was a little irritated after all I went through, they asked me for a review then rejected it because it wasn’t flattering.


Try posting your review on Product Review where it will not be removed.