The demise of The PC & Tech Authority magazine

I have just received the email below.

Another journal bites the dust. I have been subscribing to this magazine for more years than I care to remember.

Subscribers will be automatically receiving the APC magazine unless they advise they want to cancel by the deadline of the 26th, in 9 days time. Having just received the most recent PC & TA magazine, there isn’t the opportunity to receive a copy of the new magazine. Then how do you make an informed decision?


"As you may have recently read, we are delighted to announce that following our recent acquisition by Future Publishing Australia, we will be merging our magazine and team with Australia’s biggest and longest running computing and technology magazine – APC.

As a subscriber we not only need to advise you of this news, but also need to give you some information in relation to the remaining paid issues of your PC & Tech Authority subscription.

We will convert your remaining PC & Tech Authority issues over to APC – issue-for-issue – with effect from the October on sale issue (APC issue 460) PLUS we will add on one bonus issue of APC to the end of your current subscription. If by chance you already subscribe to APC, we will extend that subscription issue-for-issue to continue uninterrupted.

Should you be happy with our offer, you need do nothing more and APC will be sent to you for you to enjoy.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to receive APC, you can select another title from Future’s great range of Australian tech and gaming magazines – such as TechLife or PC PowerPlay (visit to see our full range) or you can request a refund for the remaining balance of your subscription. Please contact us by 26 September 2018 if you do not wish to transfer your subscription to APC, either by email at or phone on (02) 8227 6486.

Many thanks
The PC & Tech Authority and APC teams"