The cost of using the Air Con and other products

An article I found online showing the cost of running an Aircon and assorted products .

I found some of the relevant costs very interesting .


Active energy use (when one hits the on/off button on the device/remote/appliance)) is a visible cost as one sees the energy bring used.

There are however significant savings from removing passive energy use from a home. Passive energy use is when a device is left plugged in with the power point switch left on. This is also known as standby power and can cost $100s per year with no obvious benefit…except to those who receive money fror your power consumption. Many washing machines, TVs, computers, microwaves, ovens etc consume power of the device button is off but the devicemos still plugged in and the power point switched on.

Best option is to turn all devices and appliances not in use off at the wall (with exception of fridges or life saving devices).


@phb Good point re passive and standby power . In my last home home I added up the " claimed " standby power, probably on the conservative side as claimed by the manufacturer , and found that just on standby it all added up to just under 100 watts . /

Then I thought of the impact on my electricity bill leaving a light globe of 100 watts switched on 24/7 . I now have nothing on standby unless completely necessary , fridge , freezer . No doubt a saving in the long term .


great article on the costings of air con and other products. thanks for all the info


Glad you enjoyed the link .


With the announcement yesterday , 19 -11-17 , that Electricity will face a %15 price hike and gas %13 in Victoria in 2018 , any information on saving on these bills is premium .


Too quote the late former PM big Mal Fraser; " Life wasn’t mean’t to be easy"


True but I wish it was not so hard sometimes . :weary: