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The convertible tricycle strollers that failed mandatory safety tests

Trike trouble - watch out for these devices that fail to meet safety standards:


It is truly appalling our caring government has not provided ample legislation to outlaw products that do not meet mandatory standards, and for international marketplaces such as ebay and Amazon, the marketplace should be mandated to ban sellers peddling unsafe goods as soon as they are called out to the marketplace.

Many Asian and probably other origin ebay sellers have multiple accounts selling the same goods in competition with themselves so it might not be easy, but the marketplace should be able to take prompt action on each one as they pop up.


More reasons to have laws that ban the import and/or sale of unsafe items. This reactive process is not working properly and proactive steps need to be introduced so that no importer or manufacturer will produce items that are unsafe. While it may not capture all faults it would seem to me to be a far better approach than this hazardous process of having to identify after they have entered the market.

Thankfully we have CHOICE on the ball looking for us but there seems to me to be far too many recalls happening.